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On June 29, at 1962 S.Muskego Ave., in the City of Milwaukee, Bethzaida G.-T., 23, and her husband Hector S.C., 25, were watching a movie with their 4-year old son. The movie had just started and had the surround sound on and the volume was turned up. Bethzaida heard a noise towards the kitchen and

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Shortly after midnight on May 16, the 38-year-old Todd McCullough commenced his regular morning routine before departing on his job driving an eighteen-wheeler. While walking his dog, Todd noticed a young black man in the parking lot of his apartment in Memphis. Returning to his second floor, one bedroom apartment, he unleashed the dog, said

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Hello friends, I’m raj aged 23 currently living in Hyderabad. This story hails back to 2015 where I lost my virginity to my aunt. She is leela. She was married to my maternal uncle when I was in my graduation college days. She was 24 at the time of marriage. She looks like famous pornstar

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