Bhagirathi aunty sends me and mummy to a journey of INCEST

My name is Dhruva. I stay in Bangalore with my dad and mom. This incident happened about 6 years back. That time I was 19. My mom name is Kalpana. So when this incident happened she would be 42 years.

Mummy had a best friend called Bhagirathi. This lady was some 2-3 years elder to my mom. Bhagi aunt was a widow who lived with her son Vijay and aged mother. Every now and then she and her son would come to our house. Sometimes we went to their house. Just a 10 minute walk from our house to hers.

[Note : Usually we talk in Kannada but here I have translated all conversations into English]

One Ugadi festival day, mom prepared “payasam” and told me “Putta, quickly go to Bhagu aunt’s house and give her this payasam. Its her favourite. Come back soon. I would have breakfast ready then”
It was 8 a.m when I went to Bhagu aunt’s house. Her aged mother opened door and let me in. I asked where is aunt? She told me “Today is festival. So head bath for her son. Bhagu aunt is applying oil to Vijju. Go to the backyard”
When I went near backdoor it was closed. So I called out “Bhagu aunty. Can I come there”. She heard me and said “Come putta.No problem”.
But when I went to their backyard….I was left shocked. Her son Vijju was standing stark naked and Bhagu aunt was oil massaging him. Even aunty was not wearing saree…..just blouse,petticoat. When aunt was casually applying oil to Vijju and talking to me I was thinking “Chee….What a shameless fellow he is….22 year old and standing naked in front of his mother”. Even I wondered about aunty “No saree… can she wear just blouse in front of son”. In fact when I went near I could clearly see Bhagu aunt’s cleavage from within her blouse.
Since Vijju is my friend, I teased him “What man..arent you ashamed to be naked like this?” VIjju told “Why should I feel ashamed. She is my mother. I am naked in front of her”. Then Bhagu aunt told me “No son should be ashamed in front of his mother”

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A week later when Bhagu aunt visited our place she asked mummy “Kalpana. Who gives headbath to putta?” Mummy told her that my son is very shy and he himself will have bath. He wont allow me to give bath to him. He is shy to undress in front of me also. Bhagu told “Very sad. A son ashamed in front of his parents. Bad. I will sort it out”. She asked mom when I will take head bath next. Mom told “Every Sunday after 9 am”
The next Sunday Bhagu aunt came to our house at 8.30 am. My dad had Sunday working day,Monday holiday. She talked with him and mummy for sometime and then dad left.
Then she called me and told “Putta.Today amma will give you headbath”. I was somehow reluctant saying I am grown up now. But she said “Listen to me. You should give amma the privilege to bathe you”. Then she told mummy “Kalpa, go and get the oil container”.
Mom went inside and very soon came with the oil container. Then Bhagu told me “Putta, remove your pyjamas”. After some reluctance and persisting by Bhagu aunt I removed Pajamas and was in shorts. Then Bhagu aunt told “Putta…Now come on…remove the shorts”. I told “Aunty….no…How can I…I am 19 now”. Even mom added “Bhagu Leave it. He will feel ashamed. He’s a shy boy”. But Bhagu was adamant. She said “No…No…I don’t like it if a son is shy in front of his parents”
She told me “Come on..Putta…remove the shorts”. Surprisingly even mom too started encouraging me “Its Ok…Putta…remove it…Don’t waste time…after all I am your amma and Bhagu is like your doddamma”
Seeing no way out….I slowly downed my shorts and within no time I was standing naked in front of these 2 ladies. After a gap of almost 11 years I became naked in front of mom. In fact, when I downed my shorts the eyes of both ladies went to my cock. It was embarrassing.
Then when amma took the oil container. Bhagu aunt told her “Kalpa…you just remove your saree”. Mom was astonished. Initially reluctant but Bhagu’s adamancy came to the fore. So mom removed the saree and kept it aside. There she was in a blouse,underskirt. To be honest,I felt happy to see mom like that.
Then mom started applying oil to me entire body. It felt so great. Mom’s soft hands all over my body. In fact,when she bent down to apply oil to leg I got a glimpse of her breasts. When mom was finished Bhagu told her “Put some oil on his thunne(cock)….Why did you leave it?”….Mom felt ashamed and covered her face and ran away into kitchen to further heat the bath water.
Then Bhagu told me “Come putta…..15 minutes ..sit with me….we will talk…be casual…don’t feel ashamed”. I sat beside her full naked and she started talking with me. Mom too came and started talking. Then slowly Bhagu aunt took some oil in her hands.poured it onto my cock and started to massage it! Oh My God…..this time I was really ashamed….some lady hands on my cock….When mummy again covered her face Bhagu told her “You people are really shy. Kalpa, even this thing (cock) needs to be taken care off”
Then my mom gave me a bath. Interestingly, when mom was giving me bath, this lady stood at the entrance of the bathroom and talking with mom. But to be honest, I was really happy that day for getting a bath from mummy.

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Next 2-3 Sundays, also that lady came during bath time. Since both had seen me nanga what shame I had then. I used to remove my pajamas,shorts and get naked. Mom her saree.

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