Brother & sister’s bath

It’s my second visit to parent’s home after my marriage as mom & son have had a physical affair while I was just a spectator with their supporting staffs (read previous story) and as after a longer span of time , sister Bina and brother Jeet get laid on bed and mom caught us nude ,it was like a shocking moment for a tough situation to face him but my mom’s punishment made both of us too excited as mom Juhi also joined us on bed and it was a nice group sex as we three enjoyed physical love on bed ,it was my first visit to home and there son & mom have developed an illicit affair as I left for my hubby’s home.

It’s my second visit……month of June ,heat and humidity is making me bit uncomfortable as I walked out of train at Kanpur central junction and Jeet was there to receive he hold my trolly bag as both walked out of station and I have hold my brother’s wrist as looking like a perfect couple and as we both sits inside a cab ,Bina is getting closer and Jeet is looking straight


“it’s my first journey without any assistance
(Jeet hit my thigh with his palm) congrats for it but if someone have had forced you for
(Bina signals towards driver)what you are talking about ?.”

And we are voiceless ,so reached home as it’s a hot evening and there ,mom greets me as we three are drinking coffee ,I am in my purple leggings with a sleeveless Kurtis as I have already removed my feeling too hot and tired also ,I put empty cup on table and walked to my bedroom but my luggage is still in dinning room ,so I screamed “Jeet , please put my luggage here “and I am so impatient that while putting my door closed (without lock) ,I took out my Kurtis as I hold my leggings waistband to pull it down ,as it goes down I am too shy as Jeet moved inside with my luggage and he put it near the wardrobe but as my lovely boobs are semi nude in pink coloured brasserie ,he gazed at me and as my leggings are on thighs halfway ,he came near me and just hold my breast to squeeze “Jeet ,let me take bath as I need your massage after an hour “and he hold me in his arms as he starts kissing my face to neck but I am feeling bit uncomfortable as heat and humidity have made my sexy body little sticky ,so I asked “Jeet please leave me for an hour “and he kissed my lips hard as he walked away ,so feeling bit relaxed I removed my leggings and in undergarments only I frisked inside washroom.

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Parents home have four bedrooms with attached washroom as it’s my room having backdoor entry inside washroom as Jeet & Bina have always kept their secret physical affairs using this as I stand under cascade to have bath ,I locked the front door to prevent Jeet coming inside and now took out my undergarments as I stand nude under cascade ,water starts flowing on my sticky body as I am rubbing my body hard and so Bina ,a 22 years newly wed gal is damn hot as her fair complexion with tall figure of 5’6 feet is attractive ,my busts measures 34 inches and my V shaped buttocks is too sexy as it shakes when I put it free from full panty or thongs , my reddish vagina with both labias bit fleshy and still in closer shape makes me hot ,so I put cascade on hold as it’s a body gel on my body giving me much relief from it’s sticky nature and as I am rubbing my front portion of sexy body ,my hand is now on thighs to legs ,I have leaned down to make my legs and thighs foamy ,in a sudden things changed as my face is towards wall and someone have entered my private zone as it’s the washroom and as I turned my face to see if it’s Jeet ,I am in anger but it’s on my face not in my hidden mind and showing my strong character with shyness ,I said “Jeet please leave the washroom otherwise I will shout “and looking at me ,he pulled down his Bermuda as his cock is straight but in semi erection and he hold me from behind as I felt bit shy , showing my anger as my mind is in control of physical love ,he starts squeezing my breast as it’s foamy and now his other hand is rubbing my waist to thighs as I said

“Jeet ,it’s my need but if mom
(He)don’t worry darling ,it’s my secret plan as I have made it a week ago
(I turned back)oh that’s great ,may be mom have not seen me going for bath
(Jeet hold me as his lips kissed my lips)I am now in an evening walk ,so just enjoy together”and as my front portion of sexy body is foamy ,his dry body is getting it’s touch and now his mouth swallows my lip to suck ,Jeet is rubbing my sexy wet butts as it’s not foamy and as our legs are rubbing ,I am in sensation and my 7-8 hours long journey with sticky body have eloped and Jeet is sucking my tongue hard as his hand is rubbing my as my mouth starts watering ,I pushed his face back and now put my head on his shoulder.

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Jeet than knelt down as he hold bottle of gels and starts using it lips on my bum as he is kissing it hard and now his hand is on my vagina as it’s also foamy ,so his finger is rubbing my hole and slowly he pushes inside my cunt as his finger is making me too horny while his tongue is rolling on my wet ass hole ,my legs starts shivering as I looked back “uh ah it’s too hot ,wash my cunt and lick it ” ,so he made my back foamy one as he turned me and now while stretching my legs wider ,I am showing my sexy clean shaved vagina and than he hold a mug full of water as he washed my vaginal zone and now it’s glittering like diamonds as he starts kissing my vagina ,it’s making me wild as I am screaming

“uh ah it’s itching my dear
(Jeet)open the cascade ,let water makes some sound otherwise mom will
(I)yes .”and I opened the cascade as water is flowing on my body ,so Bina is rubbing her body as she is having a nice bath with her brother Jeet just put his crossed fingers as his tongue is licking my cunt and it’s amazing as I don’t know how my cunt become wet so soon but my younger brother is licking it gently as his hand is on my back.

Later on ,as both are wet and nude ,I can see Jeet’s cock in great erection as I hold it and starts rubbing it’s glans on my hole ,my legs are on toes as Jeet turned me and as my both palms are on wall with my front portion of body bends down and my back is on straight legs ,I seems to be a four legged animal and it’s wildness can be seen soon as Jeet starts pushing his cock in my wet vagina and as I am inside washroom for last 15-17 minutes ,now I can hear mom shouting “baby ,are you still having bath
(Me)yes mom ,have just frisked inside ,so wait for 10 minutes.”

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And here brother’s penis is going inside my deep vagina as in last one year ,I think my hubby Anish have penetrated me a lot as his 2/3rd cock vanished inside ,he hold my waist and pumped his cock hard ,nothing more than a hard jerk with my mouth “uh ah it’s too hard and hot
(Jeet is fucking me hard)stop crying you bitch ,you have been with several guys in Noida
(Looking back at him )brother in law told you
(Jeet)yes my sexy sister”and as my body is fully aroused ,Jeet is hitting my cunt with speed and his fuck is making my wet vagina too hot as well as dry ,so water is still flowing on our body and now Jeet starts squeezing my breast hard as he is screaming in pleasure

“uh ah sexy move your butts

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