Classroom Fun

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my experience that I had during my college days.


I have a friend (i like her too) who I teach during the exam time to make her understand the concepts better. Usually I teach her inside the class room along with other friends. As usual it was a routine day where I was teaching her the concepts but this time it was only us inside the class, a lucky day.

After an hour she got bored so we were discussing some random stuffs. While talking I made fun of her for which she got pissed and pinched me on my thighs. I said it doesn’t hurt me, she tried again and she had no luck. I always had a feel that she had interest on me. I used this chance to find it out. So I told her that it is my turn now. I went on to pinch her playfully on her inner thighs. She was very sensitive to my touch. There wasn’t any sign of rejection from her. That moment I realised she is interested too.

While keeping my hands on her inner thighs, I looked at her. She was very sensitive to my touch due to which she closed her eyes. I went close to her ears and whispered “do you like it? “. She nodded her head slightly. Slowly I moved my hands to her waist and pulled her closer me and kissed her behind her neck. She got turned on, turned back and started kissing me on my lips. Well I wasn’t expecting that from her. We went on kissing for a few minutes.
Later I made her lie on the desk and lifted her T-shirt. I was kissing her from her naval and all the way up to her breast. As she was very sensitive, she couldn’t control it. To make it worse for her, I made her breast wet and blow my breath out slowly. She got very horny. I started sucking her boobs like a child sucking the milk out of it. She loved it.

Well, I decided to take it to the next step. With her concert, I decided to make love to her. But we weren’t that lucky, started hearing some noise, so had to stop and pretend like studying. As expected some students entered and spoiled our fun.

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