College aged nephew seduces his favorite aunt

College aged nephew seduces his favorite aunt

Kyle Simmons just finished his junior year at Purdue. 6′ 3″ and 190 pounds, Kyle was a member of the Boilermaker Swim team. Like most swimmers, Kyle had a lean, muscular physique with washboard abs. He was blessed with the best features from both his parents with his mother’s deep brown eyes and his father’s masculine jawline. Kyle was a looker and he knew it.


He was the only child of Lisa and Dan Simmons. Dan was a lawyer with a sharp mind and an aggressive streak that helped him to have a very successful practice. Dan’s take no prisoners attitude made him the go-to divorce lawyer in Indianapolis.

Lisa’s sister Kim was married to Patrick Sharpe when she was 30. Kim felt the tug of her biologic clock, and Patrick seemed like a nice guy who would be a good provider. Kim and Patrick had two girls, Brittany and Amanda, and seemed to have a good family and marriage.

That is until Kim discovered that Patrick was actually gay. Kim confided to her sister Lisa that she and Patrick hadn’t had sex in nearly seven years. After she spoke with Dan about this, Dan put a PI on Patrick to see what was up.

While Dan’s PI was investigating, Patrick landed a huge contract for Eli Lilly and got an enormous raise. The Sharpe’s moved to Traders Point in a huge home and things seemed to be going well. Until the PI discovered that Patrick was having an affair with his co-worker Scott.

Kim was crushed, and asked her sister Lisa to have her husband Dan to take care of things. Dan met with Kim to discuss a plan of action, and Kim told Dan, “Just do whatever you think is best to settle things.”

Dan went for the throat, and Patrick gave Kim their new home along with a disproportionate portion of his income for alimony and child support. Kim was shell-shocked from finding out her husband was gay, and signed the papers without even reading them.

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Part of the settlement was that Patrick would be able to take Brittany and Amanda on a trip that he’d planned over the summer. This left Kim home alone for almost two months. Dan and Lisa were moving to Charleston, and Dan arranged for Kim to allow Kyle to stay with her over the summer while he and Lisa made their move to a warmer climate.

Kyle had an attraction for his Aunt Kim for many years. Kim looked a lot like Kyle’s mother Lisa. While Lisa maintained her figure with exercise and a careful diet, Kim had added thirty plus pounds since her daughter Amanda’s birth. Kim carried her 146 pounds fairly well on her 5′ 4′ frame, being much bustier than her sister Lisa. Kyle had jerking off while thinking about Kim for much of his early teenage years, but as he grew older he started getting the real thing and his masturbatory habits greatly decreased.

Just before his parents left, Kyle overheard his parents talking about Kim and Patrick. Lisa said, “Poor Kim, she must be so frustrated and hurt. I can’t imagine going years without having sex.”

“Patrick was more interested in sucking a dick than fucking his wife honey.”

As Kyle walked in the kitchen his mother said, “Look out for your Aunt Kim while you’re there. She’s probably going to be lonely with the kids spending the summer with their dad.”

Kyle smiled and replied, “Oh, don’t worry mom, I’ll take care of Aunt Kim.” Kyle looked at his father who chuckled and slapped him on the shoulder. He motioned for Kyle to follow him.

Once they’d gone out to the garage, Dan spoke with his son. “Kyle, your Aunt Kim’s marriage was doomed from the start.”

“You mean because Uncle Patrick was a fag?”

Dan laughed, “That too. But the real reason is because Kim is wired to be a follower, and with Patrick she had to lead.”

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“You mean like mom?”

Again, Dan chuckled. Kyle was definitely his boy. “Yes, like your mother. The reason our marriage is successful is that I lead and that makes your mother comfortable.”

“So you think Aunt Kim would be happier if someone told her what to do.”

“I could be wrong, but I think so. She’s also probably to the point where she’s over the shock and is wondering if she’s still got it.”

“Gotcha, Dad.”

On the drive down from Lafayette to Indianapolis, Kyle thought about the situation with his aunt. A late thirties woman recently divorced with two young children, Kim was definitely a MILF. Bad enough that her husband cheated on her, but cheating with a man had to damage Kim’s feminine confidence. Being a fan of “Naughty Family” type porn, Kyle had decided that he’d press to seduce his aunt while maintaining some deniability in case things went sideways and he had to face his mother. If nothing else, Kyle was going to be able to get some great workouts in the Sharpe family pool, which was 16′ by 50′.

When Kyle arrived at Kim’s house she greeted him in the driveway. Kim was wearing jeans and a long sleeved cotton button down top with a floral print. Her top was unbuttoned enough to display her ample cleavage. “So good to see you, Kyle.”

As Kyle stepped out of his car he noticed Kim’s eyes doing a bit more than a loving aunt look. “Good to see you too, Aunt Kim.” Kyle saw that Kim had updated her hair with some highlights and layered look. Pretending to pout, Kyle said, “Am I too old to get a hug from my gorgeous aunt?”

While Kyle stood with a boyish grin on his face, his aunt came to him to deliver the hug. Kim’s eyes sparkled from the compliment, and she said, “Of course you’re not too old.” Kim went in on an angle, but Kyle pivoted his hips slightly to greet her head-on. Eschewing the over the shoulder embrace, Kyle wrapped his long arms around Kim just under her arms and held her a second longer than might have been expected. Kim’s breasts smushed against him, bringing another grin to the young man’s face.

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“You just tell me if you need anything, Kyle” Kim smiled at Kyle as she pulled away after Kyle released her.

“Ditto for me. It’s nice to know I have such a charming hostess who’s eager to please, Aunt Kim.” Kyle locked eyes with Kim, gauging her reaction to his purposeful innuendo.

“Why of course, Kyle,” Kim smiled demurely back at Kyle. It was obvious that Kyle’s flirting wasn’t being rejected.

After Kyle got unpacked and somewhat settled in, he headed to the kitchen. Kim was standing in front of fridge with door open when Kyle approached her. “You’re letting all the cold out, Aunt Kim.”

“Oh, hi Kyle, I was just thinking about a snack.”

“Do you always take so long to make up your mind? It’s kinda obvious that you’ve been standing there awhile.” Kyle let his eyes fall to Kim’s nipples which were poking out underneath her top.

Kyle put his left hand on Kim’s hip firmly enough to hold her in place. He opened the fridge door of the side-by-side a little wider, and let his crotch brush up against Kim’s right hip for a split second while he opened the crisper drawer.

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