Dad’s friend – forced sex

I have seen my mom Isha with a young guy Sam as she got fucked and than I got chance to enjoy oral sex with my mom’s lover Sam (read previous story”mom with a stranger ” & it’s parts with “got mom’s lover’s cock”).

So as my sexual desires are on peak,my mom have not permitted me for sex with her lover Sam as I want to lose virginity .so my mind is thinking of someone’s cock ,may be my classmate Nitin (read previous story”young classmate’s cock) or someone else.


So it’s a nice evening as my mom Isha is out of home and my dad is in his office,so I am alone in my home.myself Dipaali ,a 18 years gal is sexy, complexion is white as tall figure of 5’7 feet with lovely boobs and round sexy buttocks are my great assets but if it’s not being loved,it’s of no as I am watching t.v in dinning space,door bell started ringing and I walked towards door as I opened it ,there my dad’s friend Hitesh Sahni is standing as I smiled and asked him to come inside,so he came inside and walked towards dinning space as he sits on sofa and then I walked to kitchen,as I came back with a glass of looking little sexy in my shorts and tight tops,my sexy boobs are looking hotter as my nude thighs to sexy legs are I put glass of water on table as I put my face straight ,I can see Hitesh uncle eyeing my boobs and I sits on opposite side.looking at him,I said………

“uncle dad is in office
(Hitesh)I know it but where is my bhabhi
(Dipaali)left for market to buy some household items.”and Hitesh uncle’s eyes are looking forward as he is eyeing my boobs and feeling bit shy as well as scared,I bowed my face down but Hitesh,a 38-39 years old men is eyeing at my sexy body as I am feeling he said………

Dipaali have you got the feeling of menustral cycle
(Dipaali face turned reddish in anger)uncle you are asking me about menustral period ,is it like a dad talking to his daughter.”and Hitesh walked towards door as I thought he is going back and I felt relaxed but as he put door locked,I am too afraid as he is coming to me and I ran fast towards my bedroom as I want to put myself inside room.while I entered my bedroom and pushed my door to lock it,he pushed door hard and door opened as I moved on my bed to make myself safe from Hitesh he locked the door of my bedroom and I am too scared as he is standing near bed and he started removing his jeans as well as I have no option except to enjoy with a matured men of 38 years ,will he fuck me or let me go ,I am too afraid about his cock’s size and as he is moving on bed in his briefs and vests ,I am going towards the end of he is moving closer to me and than as I am on the bed’s end ,I am in trouble ,so my eyes have caught his bulge as it’s too hard .so I am bit afraid as I asked him……….

“uncle ,don’t do it as I am still virgin
(Hitesh is touching my thighs)you are so sexy Dipaali,don’t be shy or afraid,I will give you immense pleasure
(Dipaali)uncle ,if my dad will come to know it than he will kill you
(Uncle rubbing my thighs)you have already killed me sexy .”

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And than Hitesh hold me in his arms as he took me in the middle of bed,his hand have hold me tightly and my boobs are pressing hard on his his lips are loving my neck to face and than my hand started rubbing his back,a sign of approval for him and he than took my lips in his mouth and while sucking it ,his hand is lifting my tops as our sexual organs are hot and active,I started enjoying his company and than he left my lips but I took out my tongue as I started licking his lips and Hitesh , swallowed my whole tongue as he started sucking it.I am making sexual relationship with my dad’s friend Hitesh as his hand have hold my breast to squeeze,I am curious to remove my clothes he sucked my tongue for 3-4 minutes and than I pushed his face as I freed my tongue .now uncle is too aggressive as his hand unbuttoned my shorts and I am too hot to let him make me nude ,so he started pulling my shorts as I put my ass slightly up on bed and than he took it out as his other hand removed my dipaali is semi nude as my boobs are free from clothes ,my vagina is covered in panty,now I am bit shy as uncle pushed me on I am lying on bed as he leaned his face on my breast and took my tight soft breast in his mouth and as he started sucking it hardly,my hand is on his back,so my hand is on his hairs also and my sexy voice”oohh aahh uncle suck hard aahh uuhhm”and Hitesh sucked my breasts as he took other one to suck ,now he is on my top on his knees and his undies is on his penis, so I hold his bulge and than pulled down his undies to uncle’s penis is in my hand as I am masturbating it fastly,my legs are shivering as my body is in sensation,so he left my boobs and started kissing my tummy to belly ,as my hand left his long Hitesh is putting his lips on my thigh and I am too horny as I unhooked my panty,so he hold it and took it out ,now my vagina is nude as I put my legs crossed to keep it invisible.looking at me ,uncle put his lips on my thigh and started kissing it and my legs started moving away as after a while,my legs are wide and in opposite we two are nude as her hold my both thighs and put it in air to make my vagina love but I give him a pillow and he put it under my sexy ass ,so he smiled and started kissing my screams are louder

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“oohh uhh uncle lick it lick fast”and I widend its hole , so Hitesh started licking my cunt fast as his tongue is rolling deeper in my vagina,I am pushing my sexy ass up and shouting”oohh aahh it’s great fuck fuck with your tongue hard”and than Hitesh took my vagina in his mouth and sucked it for a while,so it’s my vagina getting hotter.later on our body are in rest as I have changed my mind,he forced me for sex but after a while ,I changed the forced sex into a illicit relationship between us.

Hitesh uncle walked to washroom as I am sitting nude on bed and as he came inside,I frisked inside to urinate and wash my sexual I got his love on my vagina,I have to suck his long thick cock and than I pushed him on bed as he is sleeping with his legs straight,I sits near his waist and hold his penis as I removed it’s skin,I have seen two nude cocks till today… of my mom’s lover Sam and other of my classmates Nitin as its third ,but it’s longer and thicker than both previous looking at Hitesh uncle,I smiled and put my face down on his penis as I put it’s glans on my nose and smelt it hard,so started putting lips on his shaft to base and a matured cock with lots of experience is in my hand as I am kissing it Hitesh is screaming in pleasure”oohh uuhh you are too hot and sexy”and I took his cock in my mouth to his 2/3rd penis is enough for my mouth as I am giving it a nice and hard jerk with my fingers moving in his dense pubic hairs,he is a strong men with an average height as his physique looks good and as I am sucking his penis ,he is shouting “uuhh aahh suck suck hard”like a gal losing her I took out his wet penis and started licking it with my tongue as it’s smelling natural ,I am in great hunger for his penis in my vagina but it’s not easy to have it inside my virgin I licked his penis and now sits near his face ,Hitesh hold my breast as he is massaging it hard and I asked……..”my vagina have become wet , so if you want to lick it.”and he responded positively as I sits on his face while putting my legs wider as his mouth is inches away from my reddish Hitesh hold my waist as he put his tongue on my vagina and I widend its hole as he is licking it like a dog,feeling too horny ,I am screaming in joy”oohh uuhh lick it fast “and he tastes my vaginal’s juice as I sits near him on I can see him eyeing my sexy boobs as he sits near me and than I kissed his lips……….

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