Daughter sets out to snare dad

Daughter sets out to snare dad

OK, I wanted to set the record straight; I wanted to fuck my dad. It wasn’t an accident, it wasn’t some mistaken identity; in fact it took almost a month of careful planning to finally accomplish my goal. I had to enlist my best friend to finally accomplish it; her part of the deal was she got to fuck him next; it sucked but I had to agree if I wanted it to happen.


I know, its incest; but when you’re eighteen and horny as hell that doesn’t much strike on your radar. A lot of things had happened to lead up to it; not the least of which was my dad was single. No my parents had never been married. That didn’t mean he wasn’t a great dad, he was; it just means my parents weren’t exactly marriage material, if you know what I mean.

As dad explained it when I was sixteen; they were both eighteen; hot date, the back seat of a car. He didn’t have a rubber and she wasn’t on birth control. He claimed mom wouldn’t let him pull out, but either way there I was nine months later. Grandma and Grandpa nearly disowned mom; but finally gave in and she lived with them while she finished school.

Dad was always a part of my life, and much as mom’s folks tried to prevent it. The fact we all lived in the same city helped. I got to spend every other weekend and time in the summer with him. As I got older I even got to spend week days and he would take me to school.

So, the usual question would be why; I mean after all it isn’t every eighteen year old that wants their dad to bang them. But then, not every eighteen year old has my dad. At thirty-six he cuts that suave older man persona like butter; smooth and silky until your knees tremble. Dad is also into fitness; he has a gym in the basement of his house and works out every day. Add a hundred and seventy-five pounds of pure muscle to a six foot frame; then throw in curly dark hair with just that hint of gray at the edges; you get HOT.

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I’ve seen him pull his shirt off mowing the lawn and watched girls my age damn near have an orgasm as his six pack abs comes into view. How do I know? I’ve seen them when we sit around dad’s pool on a Saturday; God they almost start drooling.

Now all you have to do as add the topping on the cake; the ten inches he packs in those shorts and the skill to use it. How do I know that? Same reason, two of my friends sitting around that same pool. It seemed dear old dad had a thing for the younger girls.

Not that I blamed him, Kelly had an ass to die for and Mindy had tits most guys would kill to get ahold of. It seems my adoring father had fucked them both; every which way but Tuesday by their descriptions.

I had been trying to get him into bed that entire summer. You know; the skimpy shorts and the even skimpier swimsuit. Oh he looked all right, and hell did he swell those shorts out nice. But I had come up dry all summer and I was getting desperate.

It wasn’t until early August that things clicked into place. Kat, one of my best friends had mentioned that apparently dad had made a pass at her. When I asked her how, she just blushed and said he does a good “tonsil exam.” I almost creamed in my bikini thinking of it. I looked at her, and realized that other than she had darker hair than me, we were almost identical builds.

We both are about five two and both weight in around a hundred and ten. Yeah, we’re pretty petite as you would call it. I knew my 34C’s were about her size, we had shared swim suits in the past. Suddenly the thought swam through my brain; if dad was thinking he was fucking her, but in reality….oh God I almost came at the thought.

It didn’t take much convincing for Kat, she always did have a perverted mind. The idea we were setting my dad up to fuck his own daughter drove her insane. I decided the slow build would work better, make him want it so bad that by the time he got her, the little differences between her and I would be lost in the mist of lust.

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For two weeks we played the innocents; Kat lost her swim top in the pool; of course dad just happened to be nearby. Kat spent a lot of time bending over and showing off her cute tight ass when he was around. By then dad was almost in a constant state of arousal.

The week before we had the switch planned, the unexpected happened. I was in my room listening to music, Kat was in the bathroom. She was staying for an overnight, hopefully filled with teasing daddy.

What I didn’t know was that Kat was just exiting the bathroom when she ran headlong into dad. His immediate reaction to their headlong rush was to reach up his hands, and without realizing it grab a handful of tit in each hand. What happened next, she told me after she got back into the room, the little bitch.

“Sorry about that” Dad murmured.

“Why, I’m not” Kat told him, glancing down at his hands cupping her tits.

“Sorry” dad mumbled and jerked his hands back.

“I take it you like them” Kat smiled seductively.

“What’s not to like” Dad was apparently finding his feet.

Kat reached down and gripped the hem of her nightshirt, and in one motion brought it over hear head. “Then keep going” she husked.

“Fuck yeaahhhhh” Kat moaned as my father leaned down and sucked one hard nipple into his mouth. “A man who knows what he wants” she cooed.

“It seems you do like them” Kat said softly, as one finger traced the large bulge in his jeans.

“Kat what are you…Em is just…” but Kat ignored him and slid to her knees.

“Let’s see him” the young girl panted as she unsnapped his jeans.

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Dad’s thick hard cock barely hit the cool air of the hallway before my best friend swallowed half of that log. It was at this point that I finally entered the picture.

I had been kicking out to the tunes when I realized Kat had been gone for a bit. I slid off the bed, opened the door meaning to yell at her in the bathroom; and froze as I watched my best friend swallow the biggest fucking dick I had ever seen.

“Fuuckkkkkkk” I heard my dad moan.

“Mmmmmmhmmmmm” Kat murmured.

God damn that thing was hard as hell and fucking HUGE; Kat barely got hallway down before the slut gagged. I felt a swamp hit my panties as Kat’s head began to bob up and down; Jesus I wished that was me right then.

“Suck it you little slut” I heard dad groan.

“Unnggggggg” Kat moaned around her mouth stuffed with dad’s cock.

“Tease me all fucking day” Dad panted. “Take that cock baby” he grunted.

Kat looked like a two bit whore kneeling in her panties sucking Dad; and I fucking loved it. It was hotter than any porn scene I had ever watched on my laptop. I jammed my hand down my panties and promptly rammed two fingers up my sopping pussy as Kat blew him like a pro.

“Oh fuck that’s it…Christ” Dad began to pant harder.

Oh God yes, he was going to cum, and I was going to watch. I saw Kat’s eyes water as Dad jammed that tool deeper; damn I needed to teach that girl how to deep throat. Then I heard the most erotic sound as dad lost it right there fifteen feet in front of me.

“FUUUCKKKKKKKK” dad roared.

I watched his cock pulse while Kat’s throat muscles worked; and then a thick wad of cream leaking from the corner. God damn how much does he cum I thought.

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