Escort Mom, Daughter struggles with University costs; mom has an idea

She then moved so she was again facing me, and gave me another kiss as she got onto her knees and gently tugged my thong off. I stepped out of them, and then mom threw them towards the client, who held them to his noise for a sniff then wrapped them around his dick as he began to masturbate faster.

Mom stood and turned us around, I reluctantly kissed her as I repeated the show mom had just done as I removed her bra. Even though I had seen mom’s naked breasts after she had the boob job, I had not got the chance to feel them until now as I cupped them from behind, even though they felt slightly fake, they did feel firm and nice. I moved to her front and I palmed both her nipples before moving down to remove her thong.


Mom rested her hand on my head for support as I removed her thong and got a clear view of her shaved pussy, mine was trimmed. It was then I realised I was looking straight at her pussy and that mom had seen mine just as clearly. For some reason this excited me, especially as I saw that she was a little wet. Mom stepped out of them, and I passed them to the client, who threw mine away, then put mom’s thong on his dick instead, very close to squirting his sperm into them.

I looked him in the eye as I stood, I thought I would really try and get him excited as my finger slowly slid up mom’s pussy, I really wanted to find out how wet she was, but doing this also sent a shiver down both our spines. I glanced at mom as we heard the client cum, mom smiled but I saw something in her eyes before I turned back to the client.

Martin patted the space beside him, inviting me to join him on the bed. We stayed above the covers as he moved me into the middle of the bed before climbing on top of me. He played with my breasts, I moaned to encourage him that he was doing a good job. But what was really turning me on was mom who stood beside the bed playing with herself; she was looking at the client who was watching, losing his concentration as he began to fumble with my breasts.

Then mom stopped and picked out a condom from her bag and passed it to me. I opened the wrapper and the client put the condom on. From that moment on I just let my mind wander as mom and I let the client have his way with us. It was not that he was bad, but suddenly I was thinking about mom. When the client had finished with me, watched as mom did her job, afterwards the client fell asleep.

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We left about 3am and got a cab, heading home. Once we got home, my mind was still on whatever had happened in the room between the two of us. Mom went to the kitchen to get us both a coffee, while I went upstairs to shower and change into some sweats. When I got back downstairs two drinks were waiting to be consumed on the coffee table. A few minutes later mom strolled in the room from upstairs, wearing a nightie. She sat next to me and seemed to sense my uneasiness about something.

“What’s the matter Sophie? You have been distracted since we left, was it really that bad, because it won’t happen again if you don’t want it to.”

“No, it was ok, nothing I haven’t done before with other guys. Not paid for or anything, but faking it.”

“So what’s the problems?” mom asked as she took my hand in hers and started caress the back of my hand with her thumb, this just drove me crazy and just had to remove my hand and stood up to get away from her, so I stood near the roaring fire mom had made. “Please tell me what’s wrong, I feel a gap forming between us, I don’t like it, maybe I made a mistake asking you to work for an escort agency.”

“As I said mom, it has nothing to do with that.”

“Is it because I was there as well, did I make you uncomfortable to be having sex with me there?”

“Since you told me on thanksgiving what you do for a living, my image of you has radically changed, and tonight just made it clear for me.”

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“What do you mean?”

“Even though I have never found a woman attractive to do anything with, tonight I got turned on by seeing you naked, and it scares me.”

“You’re a very sexual person Sophie, with everything happening tonight and it being your first time as an escort, you’re just confused by everything that happened.”

“I don’t think so mom, and even more I think you might have felt it too?” now mom seemed uncomfortable.

“Like I said, sex excites me and I was just excited to be having sex with Martin.”

“Please don’t lie, I know I made a mistake to run my fingers through your pussy and when you started masturbating I could see how excited I made you.”

“I was just excited.”

“Yes, I could tell when I slipped your thong off, but that was way before Martin started the evening, you were excited about undressing me and then about me undressing you, I know because I was excited too.”

“Ok, I admit you are a very beautiful woman but I’ve been with woman before, we are both sexual women, it was just the excitement of the evening.” I could not deny it anymore, I needed release. I turned and got back on the couch with mom, I looked at her and she looked back at me. I had to know if what I was feeling was real or not and whether we both felt it, so I quickly moved towards her and kissed her on the lips. Mom seemed a little reluctant at first before I felt her lips part and her tongue come out to touch.

That was all it took for us both to suddenly become wild as my tongue touched hers and then I moved on top of her. She cupped my ass and pulled me tightly against her. I moved my mouth to her neck, licking and sucking it before I moved to get close to her ear. I sucked her ear, I could hear her moans.

“I want you mom, I want this. I need to be with you, I need release badly, I want you to show me how good women can be together, I need you to make me cum mom.” I rubbed her breasts and as I moved my hands down her body, then slipped my hand under her nightie, discovering she wasn’t wearing panties. Maybe she knew this was going to happen I thought as I slipped my fingers inside of her. “You are so wet, you want this too, say it mom, say you want me too.”

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“I want you Sophie, if just for this moment, I need you too, please, I need to cum.” My fingers were moving hard inside of her, mom moved her hand inside my pants and panties towards my pussy, her fingers stroked my clit and slit before she put two fingers inside of me. I moaned loudly into her ear before I returned my lips to hers.

Our kisses became more heated and frantic, I have never ever felt this excited for anyone, and the moans were real and loud. I was close and was sure mom was too. I stopped kissing her as my fingers moved harder and faster. I could feel her fingers doing the same and her thumb was rubbing my clit hard. I moved my own thumb towards her clit.

We were both moving as best we could as we kept our hips moving in rhythm with each other. I looked at her face, she seemed so ready, then she opened her eyes as her back arched and that was all it took, as our eyes locked so did our orgasms as we both came. We both screamed but without words as we both continued to finger each other until a second quickly joined the first. Then I became too exhausted to continue and landed on top of mom and removed my fingers. In no time I fell asleep, it had been a long day.

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