Faisal and Iqra

We are a happy family I, Iqra and my brother Faisal. We never know our parents. We are being raised by my grandpa with his pension money. Fate has its day again and grandpa died. My brother faisal is almost 28, with 6 feet tall and muscular and have a craze for all the girls around our neighborhood. I, Iqra, 19 is equally attractive with rich figure 32, 28, 32.

After my grandpa expired, all our family responsibilities fell on my brother. He is working harder to make his end meets, i feel so bad for him. Also, I have finally the sense of freedom as my grandpa was very strict and he always bought me the very very conservative clothes and I always wanted to be modern and look rich.

This is the time to dump all my old dresses and change my wardrobe. I hope, faisal wont be anything as he too doesn’t like the grandpa rules. I want to live my life with my own rules, but there is a problem, money. Only way i can manage all of them by i need to get a part time job. I have conveyed this idea to faisal, he wasnt so happy about that but finally he agreed. I have saved some money and went to one cheap shop, where nobody goes and selected some dress for me, I bought two dresses one crop top, which is very short and shows my navel and waist and another sheer scoop neck t shirt with lot of cleavage and sexy short skirt., When i reach the counter, i was short of cash, and have enough money for just one but i don’t want left my dress behind.


Young married maths teacher

After lot of thoughts, I asked the store owner, that if he can give any discount. He says no at first, when i was about to buy just one dress, he stopped me and said that he has a proposition. With grim smile his face, he told me that i can take all these two, if i change the dress in front of him. i was shocked and this is kinda naughtier thing to do and i was dreaming about these situations, then i said, if you want to see me like this, then i will take that push up bra and black lace knickers and he agreed to it. Shop owner said that its his honor to give those bra to hot muslim girl like me. I asked him how does he know that, i am a Muslim? He said, only the muslim girls agree to his proposal. He is an Indian hindu guy, living here in texas for long time and he bragged that he fucked lot of muslim girls. I have no plan to fuck this cow-piss drinker. but i need dress so i went to the changing room and he followed me and i slowly removed my kurti, he said “Wow” then i removed my salwar and he said he will give it all for free only if i remove all my inners. but its free, so i didnt care, i take off all my dress and stood naked before him and i even turned to show him my ass and after i tried all these dresses. I got all for free and straight back to home. I changed it to new t shirt and shorts and watching tv, Faisal arrived tired and with some bag in his hand and he was shocked to see me in this new attire. He yelled “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WEARING” then i say “Relax, grandpa. whats the problem?”

he continued “Nothing sis, i just never seen you like this”

I: you are going to see a lot of this and i dont want you to make any rules

F: dont worry, I like the way you dress and dont get pregnant like those dumb white chicks

I: come on bro, its me and i am not that dumb. Ok whats in your hand

F: Oh, this. Son of a bitch at my work, told me that if i work hard, i will get a incentive, so i worked hard and he gave this “gift”, i really expected money.

I: Oh. What is that anyway?

F: It looks like a slutty dress, the kind, american whores wear? what should i do with this?

I: For a starter, you can give it to me

F: you? really?I: why not?

F: I dont know, if you can wear this, you will look like a whore.I: So what? Atleast then i will look like an average american.

F: Ok, if you say so.

I: Can we go out?

F: where? why?
I: Look i have some money, your face look so shit faced. There is a new pub opened around the corner. lets go there. I will wear this dress

F: What if somebody from our mosque saw us?I: then we can ask, what the fuck are you doing in the pub?

F: lol. True

then i ran to my bedroom, wore that dress and come out, faisal’s jaw dropped to the ground and “Wow, just WOW”. Lets go. This is the 1st time, i am feeling like this and its awesome. We entered the place and there were long queue and i am definitely head turner, as we walked in, there are so many girls dancing on stage, some are naked, some have very little to no dress.

F: Hey Iqra. this is not a pub, its a fucking strip club

I: How the fuck should i know?

F: so what do we do now?

I: we didnt come all the way to return immediately. we are here and you have some fun

F: what about u?

I: I am not into girls bro. Holy shit!!

F: what?

I: Look at the stripper on that stage

F: What? why? who is that?

I: you dont know her?

F: No

I: thats Sultana, Our Imam’s daughter

F: No fucking way

I: Wow, she can move. She always covered herself from head to toe and act so pious. Look at her

F: What do we do now?

I: I have an idea

F: What do you gonna do?

I: Wait and watch

After that, lot of thoughts coming to my mind, Why Sultana is doing this? How did she end up her? and so many things. I moved on and stand near the stage and yelled “Sultana, you are such a whore” She shocked and started shaking after seeing me. She cant stop in the middle of the show now, she continued to give her best show till she got her naked. “Wow” I exclaimed, then she got off the stage carrying her dress and grabbed me inside her dressing room. I stopped her when she was about to wear her dress.

Sultana: you work here?

Iqra; You wish, i am not a whore like you sultana

S: Oh, then what are you doing here and why are you dressed like one?

I: You are naked slut and atleast i am not fucking others like you

S: Ok. what do you want?

I (lied): Look sultana, i dont want to fight with you, i just came with my brother to have some fun and i saw you here and i am just curious now and what happened to you? you are not like this?

S: Does your brother saw me.

I: Oh yeah, he saw everything, now tell me.

S: I am not professional stripper, i just come here whenever i need money or let off some steam. So please dont tell to anybody.

I: I will always be there for you but you need to do me a favor

S: what do you want now?

I: I want to make more money but i dont want to do something like this. So, the 1st thing i want now is to get my brother married, so we can get some dowry and settle.

S: Where are you going with this?

I: Wait, I am talking about your cousin Saba. I think she will be suitable for him.

S: What do you want me to do?

I: I know you are close with Saba mother, just convince her to marry and then I and my bro will move to their home

S: what if i say no?

I: then your secret will not be safe with me

S: you are bitch.

I: whatever.. Do it for me and i wont bother you anymore

S: fine

After that i left her to get ready and informed Faisal about everything that have happened. He always has an eye on Saba and i always had my eyes on their money. They are easy target, Saba is 20 and attending university, he sister Maryam is 18 and in high school, living with their mother Tahira, she gave birth to saba when she is just 19. At 39, she looks stunning and looks like their sister. They have no father. They are easy target. If faisal got married then they will be under my control.

We reached home and all the way Faisal talks about sultana’s naked boobs and pussy. I can see that he has an very good hard-on and i am also horny too. Today i let a stranger see my naked body. Being naked, was so much fun and i like to experience that a lot in future. I went to my bathroom take off my clothes and jumped on bed and started touching myself, I rubbed my pussy and slowly played with my clit, WOW, then i inserted my finger slowly, my pussy was all wet and it enters easily and I have decided that this is the night, i am losing my virginity and i dont think of any other men more deserving than Faisal. So i slowly crept into the room, he was watching incest porn and masturbating, I am so glad and sure that he is thinking about me and i slowly said “Faisal” He literally jumped from the bed and closed his laptop and turned back just to see his little sister all naked.

He stuttered “Wh… What.. What the fuck Iqra?” I said “I cant sleep anymore and i am horny”

F: this is wrong

I: you are masturbating thinking of me and i am horny too. if you dont want to do it just let me go and i will fuck the 1st guy i see

F: No, wait

I stopped, faisal came from behind and wrapped his hand around me and grabbed my boobs and said “I always wanted to do that Iqra”, I replied “Now we can do whatever we want” He lift me up and throw me in his bed, he took off his dress. I have tried many times before to see my brother’s dick but now, the wait is over. My jaws dropped after seeing my brothers 8 inch monster. I slowly get up from the bed and crawled towards my brother, i take his cock and start licking him and taking in it inside my mouth, inch by inch, till his entire dick hit my deep throat, it was wonderful experience for both of us. I take the cock out of my mouth and push him to the bed and sat on his bare body and rubbed my pussy all over his stomach to chest and he starts squeezing my boobs and i taken the birth control pill which i had for long time. I start sitting on his rod which slowly penetrated into my tight pussy, till it broke the hymen and taken my virginity and the pain and pleasure was nothing i have ever known existed. I start riding him, jumping up and down, thuk – thuk sound our body made were silenced by our loud moaning and then he let me lay on the bed on my back and starts fucking me harder and he slowly increased his pace and whole bed is shaking and he entered all the way inside, till be unloaded, all of his juice and filled my pussy and then my pussy starts leaking, Faisal put his fingers on my pussy, taken a drop of cum and feed it to me and wow, my brothers cum was delicious. we are very tired and slept next to each other.

Morning, woke me up with hot cofee and get up from bed, stretched my hand and entertain him with a good view of my boobs and we then shared long passionate kiss and then my phone rang. It was Sultana.

I: Hi Sultana,
S: Iqra, i talked with my aunt Tahira, and they have agreed to your proposal but?

I: But what?

S: they are in trouble

I: what kind?

S: Actually, Its Mariam, that hoe sucked some dude and pics are all over the internet. they are afraid, it may be come as a problem

I: Thats it!!??

After that sultana arranged a meeting between our family and they liked us and the marriage was finalized, it was just 5 of us, after the mariam trouble, they are avoided by everybody in the community. In the meantime, i grew closer with all of them, hanging out together and time has come to settle the dowry. We agreed to sell their house and half of the money will go to Faisal to start his own business and the rest will go to bank for Mariam’s marriage, but i know, nobody decent will marry Maryam and that money is mine anyway, but for now, i should stay calm and we sold our own home and take some of Maryam’s money,  we bought a new house in the suburban with outdoor swimming pools and facilities. Finally marriage date was fixed, Saba and Faisal starts hanging out and both seemed to like each other. Tahira is kind of lady who spent most of the days inside home and she has no idea how outside world works and she raised saba and maryam the same way. They are conservative, shy and can easily agrees with anything and submission is running in their blood, but one thing they are not are “Sexy”. They have hot body but doesnt use it well, so i take it upon myself to make them sexy and presentable. First target was Saba, I asked her to come with us for shopping. We are ready and Saba comes in burkha.

My Daughters Little Friend

I: Are you coming like this?

S: yes?

I: Come on, lets go without burkha?

S: No my mom will not allow

I: your future husband doesnt like you in burkha

S: Really?

I: Yes, He also said you are not sexy enough

S: OMG, i am going to cry

I: No dear, I am here now and you are sexy, you just need to show some skin and dress boldly. Faisal really love that.

S: I dont think if i can do that?

I: Once you start,then you will love it.

S: Ok

Saba took off her burkha but still she looks ugly. We reached the mall and i have chosen some dress for her. I can tell from her face that she didnt like it but she agreed  to everything i say. She will make a good bitch, i am telling that to myself. I chose the sluttiest dress possible and i like to see her mom’s reaction. After paid for all our dresses, i also got myself some sexy clothes and went back to my room.

Finally the big day has come, Marriage ceremony was done very simply in our new home next to pool, commemorated  by none other than sultana’s father. Marriage is done and my brother is ready to fuck Saba, there are only 3 bedrooms in our place, Where i share mine with Mariam, one for my brother and saba and another for Tahira.

The most awaited night has come, I prepared Saba for the night and i asked her to take the pill as i dont want her to get pregnant, the act none of them like but they do not have courage to tell that to me. I bought a special dress for this occassion and made saba wear this and Tahira couldn’t understand anything going on around her and simply stood as i make her daughter dress like a sex doll and finally sent her to my brothers room then Mariam and I, retreated to my room.
After that, i changed to one of the sexy night dress, and asked mariam to wear one too, which she readily agrees.

Night has come and I am wearing my sexiest night dress ever and Mariam looks stunning in her black bra and sheer cover, exposing her black thongs and thin line of thread between her ass cheeks. She stands in confusion, bit of shame and i encouraged her to be free and enjoy and after all she is a slut, who sucks dick in camera and who knows what else she has done.

I: Maryam, be free and come to bed

M: Ok How do i look?

I: You look like a porn-star

M: I dont know how to respond to that

I: Well, for a starter, you can say thanks and how do i look?

M: Thanks Iqra. You look stunning and like a slut

I: Awww thanks, I always wanted to be like that

M: Yes i like the way i look too, but what use, we cant go out like this

I: Why not?

M: I mean, what would people think?

I: fuck the people, Its our life

M: What about my mom?

I: Yeah, i forgot about her, lets buy her something like this

M: NO! i did not mean that. My mom would never allow me to wear something like this

I: Did you ask ur mom permission before suck the dick?

M: How do u know?

I: I know everything. Sultana showed me the video, you are amazing, you suck so good. you have good career right here on your lips

M: Please stop

I: Come on, do u like it, dont u?

M: yes…. but mom is so controlling

I: I know about your mom too

M: What do you know about her

?I: Everything, how big of a slut she is?

M: Dont talk bad about my mom

I: I am not talking bad, do you know who your father is?

M: No

I: See, nobody knows. your mom was a slut,everybody in your family are sluts

M: No, i cant believe that

then i showed the pics of sultana and explained that she is stripper. Maryam was so shocked and she kinda submitted herself and promised to listen and obey me. I hugged her and went to sleep.


Meantime in Saba’s bedroom

Now Saba is ready for her big night and entered the room, Faisal was so happy to see her wife like this and he had an instant hard on. he hugged saba and kissed her madly all over and saba was getting hornier too, he slowly removed her tops and in no time, both of them are naked. Faisal on top of saba and asked her suck his cock, she felt so disgusted and refused and faisal got angry and forced his dick on her mouth, she was struggling but he starts enjoying now, he fucked her mouth deep and hard and unload cum all over her mouth and order to swallow, she wants to spit and run far away but she is afraid to do so and obediently swallowed everything. Her eyeliners are all over her face are being dragged away by her tears and makeups all gone. Faisal is not finished with her yet, he starts fucking in her pussy and she started bleeding and that is not going to stop him, he fucks her long and hard and sprayed his cum all over her face and he doesnt want her to get pregnant yet as it was a direct request from Iqra. He turned her back and hit her ass hard and all his fingers are pressed on her ass and he kept spanking her till her ass turns red. then he spit on her asshole, slowly inserts his dick in her ass and she was screaming in pain, the sound is well audible to tahira, mariam and iqra.

Iqra giggled to mariam and said that his brother is having so much fun. Mariam stayed silent and here sisters screaming gave her creeps. Faisal finally inserted his whole dick inside her ass and fucked her ass badly. After a very good fuck, he unloaded all his cum in her ass and made her eat this and both of them are about to sleep, Faisal ordered saba to suck his cock till he sleeps and ordered saba to sleep with his dick in her mouth. Both slept, especially with faisal dick in her mouth,


Tahira wakes up, prepared coffee and went to wake up Mariam and Iqra. Tahira shocked to see the dresses the girls are wearing and wakes up both of them

Tahira: What are u wearing?

I: Night dress Tahira

T: You cant wear this kind of dresses

I: Why not?T: What if somebody sees this?

I: nobodys here

T: What about your brother?

I: Do you call my brother pervert?

T: I did not say that

I: Even if you go naked before him, he wont do anything. You are new here, you will get used to it

T: but you gonna come out like this?

I: yes

T: but this is inappropriate

I: No, its not. You are new here, thats why you feel like this. My brother is non-judgmental gentleman, everything will be alright

T: ok

I came out of the room in the same dress and sitting in kitchen having my coffee but mariam was shy to come out, so i gave her my tshirt and short denim, she is still not comfortable but she came out and while we were talking, Saba came out, she was very tired and her makeup was all messed up and we can easily come to conclusion that she had a very rough night, I was so happy to see her like this.  She come and sit next to us and i asked “What happened last night? did u have fun?” She stayed silent, may be she was shy, I asked again and then she said “It was ok” I exclaimed “Just Ok?” then Tahira asked us to leave her alone. After sometime I grabbed Saba to my room with Mariam

I: So, Did my brother used all your holes?

M: No way

S: Yes(Mariam shocked)

I: Did u enjoy it?

S: Not at fist, but after sometime, it was good

I: Of course

M: Ok Iqra, how do u know all this, have you done it before?

I: Yes

S & M: OMG Iqra, Really?

I: Yes, why are u guys behaving like this, Saba, please dont tell me, the 1st dick you suck is my brother’s

S: Yes, your brother is 1st

I: I cant beleive this, you are so hot, nobody fucked you yet?

S: Iqra, you talk bold but i am not bolder as you

I: Dont worry, if you want some extra dick, let me arrange that for you

S: Stop it

Everybody giggled

I said “Ok guys, Faisal told me that we all are invited for some kind of party.The host is one of the richest Indian Hindu guy in the state, so we have to go and impress all of them so faisal can start a business. Faisal gave me some money, we need to get some nice sexy partywear” then Tahira asked me “is that really necessary Iqra?”

I said “of course it is. We all are hottest chicks and why we shouldn’t show what we are?” then tahira said “Ok, As you wish,but i dont know what we are doing is acceptable or not” I said “come on Tahira, dont think too much, it will all be fine. you are also coming.I will also buy a nice outfit for u too” After i said that tahira didnt say anything and i left with mariam to do shopping.

We then went to that hindu pervert’s shop. He is so excited to see us and he said that he didnt expect me to come back again and I introduced Mariam to him, he shook her hand longer than usual and i can see a lot of lust from his eyes. I asked him for most sluttiest and sexist outfit then we selected some dress and then i asked him that do i really have to pay him.

He said no but he said he need to hire some girl to help with him in the shop and i asked mariam to take the job and she agreed, so we got the dress and mariam will work here from tomorrow.
I got the dresses and gone back home and they are shocked to see those kind of dresses. Its easier for me to convince them now and they all wore those dresses and come out and then faisal came and then we all started towards party place.

Faisal was so excited to see all of us like this and he cant take his eyes off  Tahira, he is still not sure how i managed to tahira get dressed like this. To be honest, I didnt even expect that it will be easier like this to convince Tahira. She just didnt say anything, he get on that dresses after i gave her, just like that.

She looks stunning, I chose the most sluttiest dress for Mariam and present Saba like she used to wear. Faisal hired the limo and we started moving. We are so excited and we reached the outskirts of the city and it was big mansion surrounded by trees and are very secluded. We reached the gate and the guys at the gate looked us at once and they let us in. No Questions asked. We entered the mansion and there are lot of guys in suit and no women in sight. I thought that we are alone. Then Faisal introduced us to one of the guys and he kissed my hands and said “You look stunning and its my pleasure to welcome you and introduced himself as Mr. Patel”

I said “Pleasure is mine” then i made to sit with Mr. Patel, he had gray hair, in 50s and very built for his age. Mr. Patel sit next to me and Maryam sat on her other side and Tahira was next to another guy and so does Saba. I haven’t catch their name yet. While we are socializing, one guy comes with Drink and served you. Tahira said “We wont drink alcohol” but they insisted and Faizal kind of gently ordered us and reminded that its not polite to refuse drink. So we all drank and it continued we all had three different kind of drinks and started feeling funny.

Somebody yelled Its time for dance.One guy come and asked me to dance, he introduced himself as Vijay and he is over 60, fat and black. I dont want to upset faisal by refusing him, so i went to dance floor with him, he placed his one hand on my bare back and another on my ass. I am kinda scared and drunk and started dancing with him, as time goes he starts groping my back and ass and i want faisal to save me but then i start looking while dancing and saw Mariam and Saba are also dancing with other guys and all of them are getting groped as i am, Last but not least, Faisal was dancing with Tahira herself, yes Tahira and Faisal are dancing, Kissing and groping.

I cant believe my eyes. After dance we all gathered in one place and asked faisal about Tahira. He said “He asked tahira for dance, she hesitated at first and then she started enjoying also she doesnt resist when he was groping her and also during kissing.” One of the guys get up and said, they are decided to give their business to faisal to manage here and they are lucky to fuck muslim sluts like us.

All of the girls here starts facing each other in disgust and doubt. We are then ordered to move to the room. Its a big room larger bed in the middle, we are asked to get ready and they left. Faisal comes after sometime and said to us to do whatever they say. Saba begged him to stop this but he doesnt listen, maryam and tahira didnt say anything and i can see a excitement in mariam face I told faisal that i am not interested to fuck these dirty hindus and they are the sluts not me. What faisal told was shocked me to the core. He said you are the biggest sluts of all and they all paid the good price and they paid more for you alone. Be a good girl, fuck them like you fucked me and we all can go home happily. we all are trapped but there is no escape and faisal also left. All those old bastards surrounded us and asked us to remove all the dress. we said no, then he called the security, all of them are strong and forcefully disrobed us and we all are standing naked. I got litle afraid and hold mariams hand.

one big black pig called Arjun jumped on me and put his uncut dick in my mouth and said suck it bitch. I sucked his big black uncut dick and after some time he unloads all his cum in my mouth and ordered me to swallow, which i did. Then another guy come and did the same thing and i look at Saba, she was crying and screaming and she was fucked by 3 guys in all her holes, maryam was getting fucked by another guy and she seems to be enjoying this and Tahira was getting fucked by two guys and she was moaning hard, it seems only me and saba are not enjoying this, then two other guys came and starts fuck my ass and pussy at the same time. It happened through all night until all of us fucked by 10 different guys.

Morning Faisal came and asked us all to dress and leave. I cant even stand and i am very angry on him for doing this to me. we get on the car and reached our home, Saba and me confronted Faisal. He said that we are all his whores and he is tired to doing dead end jobs and he gonna use all of us anyway he thinks it fits. I am shattered and scared for what i did to my brother. I made him a monster. So i asked Tahira about this, She said we are all women at the end of the day, no matter what we do, where we go, we would end up like this,so lets accept this. I am shocked to see Tahira takes this so lightly, it also seems saba also agreed. I am yet to take this and i pleaded with faisal but he doesnt listen and slapped me real hard, I fell on the ground and asked all of us to gather in the garden and asked us to take off all the dress, all 3 obeyed, i didnt want to do that but i am scared and i am the one to do it at last. He said that we should stay always naked in home and he will decide, what we eat, what we wear and everything from now on. He asked us to cook food and said he invited some friend for lunch.

Mom and I (The first time)

Its afternoon, bell rang and i am nervous as the “Guest is here” and we all are naked. Its none other than the hindu pervert who owns the dress shop. He sat on the dining table and we starts serving food, he stares all of us like a hungry animal, then Faisal asked “How are they?” He replied “I have seen this one before” by pointing his finger at me and he continued “I like others too, especially young mariam”. Faisal asked how and then he told everything which happened on the shop other day and faisal gave me one dead look. Faisal and Raj, thats the name of this asshole comes to agreement and decided Mariam will be working for Raj and faisal will be paid. Mariam will start from tomorrow.

After Raj left, Faisal come and said that we all have to do the job which Faisal thinks suitable for us. Tahira will be working as stripper with Sultana, Faisal already talked with sultana and he is happy to make her aunt a slut like her for which Tahira agreed. Saba will be working as a stage performer in BDSM club, where anybody can do any stuff to saba on stage. Finally he looks at me and said “I am going to be easy on my little sister, all she has to do is go to the beach and work for my friends bar there and he will explain the rest the things”
I felt little relaxed after hearing this, i mean what worse can happen. So, the next day started, Mariam and I will be working in day time. Saba and Tahira will be working in the nights. Tahira and Saba working on the kitchen naked and faisal asked us to wear something slutty.

After we dressed up. we both sat on the car and he 1st dropped mariam to her shop and then we drove to beach, he introduces to the hindu named “Arun” then faisal left.

Arun “Ok girl, you listen to me. All you need to do is make my customers happy, you can take half the tips.” now wear this. I am shocked to see the kind of dress, i have to wear, the shop looks empty, so he asked to go out and clean the outside, that will attract the customer.

Alas, he was right, the shop is full in no time and everybody keep calling me to the table and give so many orders. suddenly one customer, put some money in my bra and said “Its for you honey” I said “Thanks” Then all other customers did the same and touched all my parts of the body and Arun is so happy that his business has never been this good.

At the end of the day, he gave my tips and said i need to look more good and asked me to get tattoos. I said no and he said that wasnt a request. i got dressed and he took me to tattoo parlor.

Arun took me to one of the shadiest part of the town and this place is full of junkies and hookers, he then took me to one of his friends parlor. He is a big black african guy, he said something in his ears and then he asked me to take off all the clothes, i said no at first, he is no mood to listen and he threatened to call Faisal and ask for refund, so i agreed. I was naked again and ask me to lay on the table upside down and he said it will be painful, so he asked me to take some drug to numb the pain. I inhaled some while powder stuff and from that moment, everything becomes very blurry, i had the feeling like somebody writing something on my back, ass, thighs, pussy and boobs then that black took off his clothes and starts licking my pussy, WOW, it was amazing and then he put his big dick which is bigger than my face and must be around 12 inch, this is the largest dick i have ever seen.

Fucking of bhuvana chitthi

Now body is not in my control and I have opened my mouth and start tasting his black beautiful dick, he takes my response as a “yes” and he starts thrusting his big black uncut dick in my mouth and fucked my throat for longer and then he starts fucks my pussy with the same speed and fucks me harder and harder and i starts moaning louder and louder, then arun took his turn and he too starts fucking me, he slowly entered his dick inside my pussy and then he found his pace and fucker me deeper and faster and two of them unloaded their cum in my mouth and ordered me to swallow,which i did obediently.

I started coming back to my senses and asks me to check the tattoos. I am so shocked.Now i have tattoo on my Ass, Pussy, Back and Boobs. They didnt stop there. My Navel also pierced. Then i wore my dress and Arun dropped me in my home. After i reached home, Faisal ordered me to take off my dress as i am supposed to be naked at home. So i took off everything and he surprised to see my tattoo and navel ring and said he liked it and want other girls to be like this, Tahira was already left to strip club with Sultana. Mariam also arrived the same time from shop.

Faisal asked how was my day at work, i told him everything that have happened , He was ok with this and encouraged to do this and continue everyday. He also asked mariam about her day and she starts narrates her day.

Mariam entered the shop and Raj asked her to wear the uniform, it was very slutty but she wore them and starts working and Raj doesnt stop flirting with her and she starts flirting back and whenever the customer come, he asked her to flirt with them too and occasionally asked her to bend down and show her assets, words got spread and business gets increasing and Raj’s hand always wandering all over her body, he touched her everywhere and then he invited some of his friends and asked mariam to dance for them, Mariam also danced and give them the full show, then she starts sucking all of them as they ordered then they fucked her in all her holes
By the time saba also arrived and she also got fucked very bad. Faisal was so happy for what he had done to the girls and his wallets getting fatter and fatter and this keep going everyday, The girls also accepted their fate

*** The End***


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