Family has a fuck guest (True story)

This true story goes all the way back when i was in my engineering college…i was in my 3rd semister that year and was in a prestigious engineering college in bangalore….life was pretty good and i was slowly getting used to the hostel life after a dreadful first year….long story short…i broke the nose of a senior who tried to rag me and harass my room mate…

my name is sameer and this is my true story….i was 19 something and with raging hormones and a really bad temper i was pushed into this college and i was forced to take up the hostel facilities as it was compulsory for the first year students….
first year was bad as i mentioned earlier….the second year i either planned to take up a room outside the college or stay with one of my distant uncle’s house…the idea of me living free with my room mates in a rented flat was not appreciated by my dad,infact he thot i would not get good grades and spoil myself….in a way it was true but i knew i had to make a name for myself and more over,my dad was not keen on buying me a bike if i stayed out alone with my friends….so i had to choose the other option(what other choice did i have?)….
i only took up to live with my uncle’s coz i was getting a bike and that meant freedom….and i could always crash with my friends in their flat when ever i could!…they always had a spare mattress for me…i had known about this uncle of mine but i had not met him personally….and he was my “guardian” for the college records….


so i packed my bags and stuff and headed towards my uncle’s house….i had a tough time finding wher he lives coz we dint hav a GPS enabled touch screen phone with us….we were still way behind the cellular revolution!…

after a lot of directions and stop overs,the auto guy dropped me at the said address….it was a narrow lane in an over populated area with tall individual flats kind of houses…my uncle was there to receive me on the street….well,he is my dads first cousin sort of!….i picked up my luggage and walked to the first floor of his flat(infact he owns the building and has rented out the ground floor) lives on the above two floors….i had no idea what i was getting into…i had never lived with any of my relatives….
my uncle helped me get the luggage upstairs and i was greeted by my slightly plumpy chubby aunt at the door…she had a huge smile on her face and seemed damn friendly(i have the way of looking things the other way round)…or was she greeting me with a grinning face and thinking “why have you come to spoil or happy life)…anyways,i was let in and the house seemed cool(as in livable)….i had a small chat with my uncle and aunt i got to know a bit bout thier background aswell…they seemed pretty respectable and my dad had helped him to put up a business here and thats the reason why he was obliged to help me.

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After a while i was taken to the upper floor.the staircase was outside and i figured out later that after their daughters got married,they would rent out the upper floor aswell…my uncle had 2 daughters. one was 17 and the other was 21 (riya and priya respectively)
the whole floor was to themselves with 2 bedrooms, a hall and a small kitchenette…

they had shifted the two daughters to a single bedroom and i was given the other…i insisted that they dont need to do that and i could take up the small kitchen room for myself….but they were adamant and let me have the bedroom coz it had an attached toilet…the daughters were not to be seen so i assumed that they were in their college or whatever!
i rested for a while and in the evening, i was called down..i went downstairs and found my uncle sitting on the sofa…i sat next to him and he called out his daughters riya and priya(they were in the kitchen with their mom)…the entry was like two godly beauties walking side by side to entertain you…

i gulped down my saliva and kept my mouth sealed…it was like i am there for the alliance! am i choosing a bride for myself or is my uncle keen on fixing me up as his son-in-law…?
they were real beauties in jeans and tight tees….i just gazed my eyes from their feet to head in one blink…both were average size..i mean, in indian standards its like you r not either chubby nor petite…sumwher in the middle….i could not check out their stats as i had my gaze on floor!
we got introduced and then my uncle went to his room!… soon as he left,the girls who were in the opposite sofa, jumped up to be next to on either side!!


both had their own share of questions but i deducted that they were excited to have me as their guest and that too sumone of their age group…
well, we spoke a lot about ourselves and i told my side of the story too…i could see some spark in the girls eyes…it was like they had developed wings…. sumthing was exciting them and they could not hide thier smiles and giggles.. this is gonna be weird i thot!!
later that night after our dinner,my uncle retired to his room telling us to go to bed early!!….we watched some tv and then went to our floor….the girls were very friendly and asked me if i want to join them for some card game!…we played and talked about a lot of things and some secrets were revealed too…but the girls were quite frank and told me that they have never been so close to a male…they were excited because i was going to live with them and they can have a male friend!
anyways,days went by and out routine was same…college in the morning and gather up in the evening and later get-togeather in our rooms….
i had a crush on the elder sister priya and i always made sure that i get quality time with her minus her younger sister riya…when ever i want to be alone with priya,riya would join in and spoil the atmosphere and i needed some time alone with priya..
priya on the other hand was a nerdy little racoon…she was always with her books and glasses,spent a lot of time in her room surrounded with books and she always had a red personal diary which she kept it away from everyone.
and as for riya, she always found time to be with me even though i dint wanna be with her around…she had a huge crush on me and i was getting mixed up in a love triangle of sorts…
riya always tried to be close to me…she would touch me and hug me from the back in a friendly way and i knew she had hots for me..not that she was not pretty,i too wanted her but i had my eyes on her sister and maybe if things dint work out with priya…riya was always there as a second option.

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One fine day,my uncle and aunt had to attend a wedding at a nearby town and they would be gone for a few days with the girls….right then priya announced that she had unexpected tests and she cant make it and on the other hand dint wanna go coz i felt like an outsider so i made up some excuse and told them that i would go to my friends place till they came back…

my uncle thought for a while and told me that it would be better if i stayed at home with priya..that way both of us wont be alone and we can look after eachother….”thats the thing i was waiting for” i thot to myself…they packed up their in bags in the car and left…as soon as they left,priya’s face lit up like a 1000 watt bulb…when i asked her about the big smile,she replied that she dint wanna go to that pathetic wedding and she hates wearing traditional dresses and more over she hates such gatherings…”so,what are u going to do on ur wedding?” i asked…”well, i prefer a small gathering with casual dresses” she replied with a smile….we laughed at her joke and discussed how her wedding would look like…

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