Family vacation to paradise

It was early on Sunday morning and the family was scheduled to leave later that morning for a vacation trip to a paradise island for two weeks. Everything was planned from where we were staying to what we would wear while there. The travel agency website recommended minimal clothing as it was always warm and sunny and the surf was always up. We all packed light with only thin shirts, shorts, bathing suits, and flip flops. I have to admit, we didn’t get much sleep the night before anticipating the trip and all the fun we would experience.

I rolled out of bed and walked through the house knocking on our daughter’s bedroom doors to make sure she was up. Our daughter Leslie walk out of her bedroom and enter the bathroom not realizing I was standing right behind her. My daughter is a younger version of my wife. From her blonde hair to her heart shaped butt, they look like twins. I paused to watch her cute ass wiggle as her sleep shirt was very short and her thong disappeared between her ass cheeks. Leslie had turned 18 last month and was elected as cheerleader captain of the varsity squad and this trip was one of her senior graduation presents.


As she pushed the bathroom door shut, it hung on a bathroom run. In her half asleep state, she didn’t notice the partially opened door when she raised her shirt over her head as she stripped to take a shower. I had walked closer to the door and peaked inside the bathroom to see Leslie drop her shirt in the hamper. She turned to the mirror and I was treated to a pair of tits that were identical to my wife’s. Leslie’s pink areolas accented her small nipples which were standing at attention much like my cock. I paused long enough to make a great mental picture and then made my way to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. I should make it clear that our family is not modest at all.

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Gina came into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. She was only wearing a thong and when I first saw her, I thought it was Leslie. I went wide eyed for a moment then realized it was Gina. Gina’s areolas are bigger and her nipples stick out farther than Leslie’s. “What is wrong David?” Gina said as she caught the look on my face. “You’ve seen my tits before, hell, everyone in this house has seen them” she said as she took her cup and walked back to the bedroom. Gina is not a morning person at all.

I puttered around the kitchen until Leslie came in to get a cup of coffee. She is very much a morning person like me so she walked in with her usual “morning dad” as she wrapped her arms around me for my morning hug. I am a pretty big man standing six foot two inches and Leslie is only five foot four inches so when we hug, her head is somewhere around my chest and her tits are right in my stomach. I am only wearing a pair of boxers and Leslie is wrapped in a long thin towel with her hair hanging wet down her back. Due to my already morning wood, I felt it poking Leslie right in her stomach as she held tight to me. I could feel her nipples as they poked through the semi-wet towel.

Backing away enough to look down at my tent, Leslie said “looks like you are excited to get going.” She giggled and looked up at me and bit her lower lip. I didn’t know what to say so I popped her on her ass and let her go. I didn’t factor in that she was wrapped around me still and her towel had ridden up her body some so my hand came in contact with her bare ass. She let out a squeal when I popped her as if she enjoyed it.

I moved away and reached for a cup to give her. When I turned around, she had opened her towel to “re-adjust” due it coming lose from our hug. I was treated to an entire frontal nude of my daughter which caused my erection to jump. Her nipples were hard from the swat and her pussy was freshly shaved bare.


“Thanks” I said as I half attempted to look away.

Daddy, it’s not like you don’t know what I look like. I mean, I have been told that I am an exact twin to mom and you have surely seen her naked?” Leslie questioned as she stood without rewrapping her towel and reached for the cup of coffee.

“Yeah, I have seen mom and yes, you could pass for her twin” I commented as I looked her body up and down.

Leslie looked up at me and smiled her wickedest smile turned and strutted out of the kitchen without her towel on her at all and coffee in hand. I shook my head, grabbed my coffee and headed to the bedroom to get dressed. As I entered the bedroom, Gina was coming out of the bathroom with only a towel on her head. I paused at the bedroom door and just watched as this towelheaded goddess strutted across the bedroom to her dresser. My erection was in overdrive as my wife bent over to open her dresser for some clothes to put on. Her selection was a very small thong, a pair of shorts and a small tee shirt that clung to her body.

“Are you going to stand there and stare or go get ready?” Gina said as she looked at me in the mirror of her dresser. I jumped as her words brought me back to reality so I walked with coffee in hand to take a shower.

After pounding one off in the shower, I quickly dried off and went into the bedroom to dress. I was just about to open a drawer on my dresser when I heard “nice ass daddy.” I didn’t pay much attention to who was in my bedroom when I walked in but apparently Leslie had come in to talk to her mom while I was in the shower.

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“Thanks” was all I could get out as I was trying to decide my next move. With my semi hard cock, should I walk backwards to the bathroom hiding my cock or just turn around and let her see all of me. I reached in the drawer and pulled out a pair of shorts and turned around as if nothing was wrong to put them on. My cock had gone down some from its fully erect state in the shower and I figured, it was my bedroom, Leslie is eighteen and an adult, why not turn around?

“Impressive daddy!” Leslie said as she stared at my now erect cock. I am not hung to the floor but I do have a pretty large cock, both in length and girth. I am probably eight and a half inches long and probably two inches in width. Gina looked up from what Leslie was talking about to see me in full naked glory and gave me those “are you kidding me” eyes. I continued to put my shorts on like nothing had happened. “Don’t you wear underwear daddy?” Leslie asked looking up at my face.

“No, it is very constricting and makes my balls sweat.” I said as I stuffed my cock into my shorts. I looked at the clock by the bed and realized we were going to cut it short getting through the airport. “Yikes, we have to get a move this party and get going” I said as I grabbed a shirt from the closet and threw it on. Thank goodness that we had all put our luggage at the door last night. We grabbed our stuff on the way out the front door, threw it in the truck and headed to the airport.

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