I found out my wife was cheating. I planned revenge

I found out my wife was cheating. I planned revenge.. Hello my name is Frank. I am a pretty laid back kind of guy. I let things slide if there was nothing major, insults I’d ignore, slights I’d turn and walk away from. There are a few things that can get me riled; hurt a friend, or hit a lady.

When I was a kid I was in lots of fights helping friends. George was top of that list. I was usually the one left standing so I got in a lot of trouble. Somewhere in high school I learned that if I wait, there is always a way of showing them the way and I wouldn’t get in trouble.


When I was in college I sold an idea for an invention (I am not free to talk about, the non disclosure agreement, you see), but just to say I would never have to work again, ever. I was never lazy, so after college I started a computer consulting business.

In the next year my buddy George got out of the army; well, most of him anyway, a hand was left behind. We talked and I let him buy into the business. I know I didn’t need the money, but the money he gave me is in an account in both our names offshore (saves on taxes).

A year and a half later I met the woman of my dreams. She was funny, smart, caring and sweet. Sue and I hit all the society parties in two weeks we were ‘the couple’. I went to these things for the business contacts, we had met at one. Her father was old fashioned so there would be no living together till we were married. Her mother died when she was 13, so it was just her and her father. Not to say we were completely chaste. But we were anxious to be together, in six months we were engaged.

Soon after the engagement George came to me and said, “We need to talk”

I looked at him a said, “If you were a girl I’d be very afraid, right now.” and we both laughed

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He said, “Maybe you should be any way.”

I looked and pointed to the chair across from me.

“I don’t want to start problems for you, but I am worried about the business,” he started. “I think you should get a prenuptial agreement, to keep the business safe.”

I looked at him and said, “You must be a girl, because I am afraid now”

He chuckled and said, “It is not that bad,” he grabbed papers out of his pocket and handed them to me. “These are standard and just state that in the case of a no fault divorce each party would keep what they came in to the marriage with and split anything after. In the case of adultery the offending party would leave with just what they came with and nothing else.”

I thought a bit about the money from my invention and all the business stuff and said, “Thanks George, now I have to go see my future wife. If I am not back tomorrow you will know you sent me to my death” we both laughed. It couldn’t hurt to make sure that I wasn’t taken to the cleaners.

So here I am at Sue’s Fathers house, god it is big. This house has been in there family for generations. The maid shows me in to the parlor? Damn if I know looks like a living room with a bar to me. Here comes my bride to be, and her dad is right behind her. He always makes me feel like I am a thief stealing something from him. I kiss her cheek (the socially acceptable greeting in front of dad) and shake his hand.

Then we both start “I need to talk…” me

“I am glad you came…” her

We chuckle

I say, “You start.”

She looks embarrassed and glances at her father, “My father wants us to do a prenuptial agreement,” she looks so scared I laugh.

I smile at her and said, “George wants the same thing.”

She laughed and hugged me. We got the basics one that George said with the stipulation that children would be handled separately from this agreement.

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Great wedding. Greater honeymoon. We move in to the house my parents left to me. And five years pass.

She wanted to wait till she was 30 for kids still two years away. The business is booming. Home life is good, well mostly good. The bad part is the harry rat my wife calls a dog. Princess by name, and if she raises kids like she is taking care of this dog, we would have some spoiled brats.

The thing is constantly yapping it can’t even bark. If it eats or drinks something my wife will get down and wipe its mouth. She carries two purses, one just for the dog to sit in. She treats that thing better than me.

The only time I put my foot down is when she tried to bring the dog to bed with us, I told her, “If you want to sleep with the dog, then you can sleep in the guest room with it.” She cried and begged, but I held firm and won one.

Her dad hit some hard times, he was heavily invested in real estate and when properties tanked in value he came up short. I lent him a million or so but it was done with lawyers and contracts. (Remember he was the one to insist on the prenuptial.)

So one day Sue asked, “Can you take princess to the groomers on Friday?”

“What?!?” I exclaimed in disbelief, “You won’t even let me feed the dog.”

“I know honey” said Sue “but I am helping set up for my grandma’s birthday. She is ninety you know, and the groomers are across town from the club, but are mostly on your way to work”

Long story short, I took the dog, I got a blow job out of it so I was happy.

On the way home is when my life hit a nose dive.

There was road work and detours on our way home I had the windows open for air and Princess was in her bag.

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Then she started yapping and jumping, I tried to grab her and she nipped me.

I pull the car over to do something with her and she jumped out the window.


I got out to chase her and followed her to a Days Inn (you know where the rooms open to the parking lot) and to room 117 where she started yapping and crying scratching at the door.

I grab the furry rat and knock on the door no answer. So I think for a moment and go to the office.

When I walk in the lady there said, “Can I…” The rat started yapping more. “Why hello Princess, it is funny seeing you today you’re here mostly on Wednesdays.”

My world just about fell apart then, but I held it together and said “I was bringing Princess home from the groomers and she jumped out and ran here.”

“Well she likes us here when her mommy comes on Wednesday for a little afternoon delight with her husband. She leaves Princess with us and we take good care of her, don’t we you pretty girl,” she said.

I almost puked, but just held it together a bit more.

I asked. “Is she here every Wednesday, in room 117? That is where the dog ran to.”

“Yes, always the same room and every Wednesday.”

I thanked her and said “Well Princess needs to go home now for a party for Mommy’s grandma.”

I left and got to the car and zipped the dog in the bag. And started thinking how I was going to kill Sue. Then I started to think a bit more rationally. I need proof and revenge.

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