Going from being a Cop to becoming a Sissy Cocksucker

I had no idea now many enemies I had made while a city traffic cop for nearly six exciting years. That was until I was fired from the job for trying to fix some politicians speeding ticket another veteran officer had written up two days earlier. Unable to land another state wide Law Enforcement job for nearly three long searching months, I finally took a thirty hour a week rather low paying position as a security doorman at a well know downtown Gay Club.

Christ only into my second hour of my very first shift, I caught some older fag merrily sucking away on a large stiff cock right in front of the two mensroom urnals! Right on the spot I made a citizens arrest for lewdness and marched him straight into Mr. Hendersons private office. It was there I learned that I was always supposed to just look the other way when it came to any Sexual Activities within that private club. So as the weeks flew by, I found myself witnessing first hand, a great deal of sex acts going on in many different parts of the club.

Most were blow jobs performed right out in plain sight. Somehow viewing these as well as a few after hours closed locked doors anal and sucking orgies on the front stage soon had me a bit more than curious! So as my first month ended, I allowed some lavish pink clad queen to suck me off in the back beer storage room. God, I couldn’t believe how wonderful his/her practiced mouth made my nice sized neglected cock feel! No woman had ever come even close to giving me so much wonderful physical pleasure. Soon I found myself getting almost nightly blow jobs during my half hour mid evening breaks. Mostly from Pixie as she choose to call herself while every now than, allowing a few other of the regular CD’s to also suck me off!


By this point in time, everyone had openly started calling me Officer Dick! So with each new nightly sex experience, I found myself not only loving it more and more, but also starting to think about actually trying to suck another mans cock! No not the fem acting prancing queens, but rather the bike leather crowd gay faction who all seemed so much more masculine and manly to me.

It was one named Butch who I found myself having the most interest in. He was a very dominant type who seemed to be the self appointed leader of that group that called themselves the Top Riders. As our new friendship blossomed over those next few weeks, I confided in Butch about my new gay urges and feelings! He would always laugh and tell me To stop being a sissy and to go for it! Adding he was sure I was going to love switching from women to men! So with my mind finally made up, one Saturday nite after hours, I sat with his bunch and smoked my very first pot ever! Within a short time, I guess I had gotten stoned real good and found myself accompanying Butch into the mens room. Having to rid myself of some of those four or five beers I had just downed, I stood in front of one urnal while Butch pulled up to the other one on my right side. Somehow as I began pissing, I looked over in secret hopes of grabbing a glance at his DIck! An Oh what a majestic oversized Dick Butch had! Even soft it was almost as long and much thicker than my own seven incher when rock hard! After peeling back his pocketed foreskin, Butch just stood there holding it while I was unable to take my eyes off of it!

God just its sight had me feeling so Strangely Gay and Different than Ever Before! Noticing my interested eyes, Butch smiled while asking me if I’d like to follow him into one of the stalls? Maybe thirty seconds later, I found myself standing along side the open cubicle door while Butch dropped his leather riding pants and sat down. Moving forward a bit on the seat, he let his balls hang down over the front edge of the toilet while that massive cock of his had me completely spellbound as it began to lengthen and thicken into a more than impressive erection! Right then and there, I had already made up my mind to become submissive for him as I stood waiting for some kind of direction? “You know the cocksuckers comode drill by now!” he said to me while adding, “Get on your knees and get busy!”

Yes while feeling a bit unsure and a bit afraid, I also felt some building excitement as I knelt down on that hard marble flooring. After weeks of secretly suck fantasizing while jerking myself off alone in my appartment, It was actually going to finally happen!

My right hand was slightly shaking as it moved forward to feel a cock other than mine for the very first time ever! A cock so much bigger and so thick then that my hand barely was able to wrap around its girthy shaft. It was like I was helplessly hypmotised in some sexual trance as I began to quite gayly explore a good solid nine inches of then thobbing warm manmeat! Stoned good from both the pot and the beers, all of my resistence or sound reasons were gone as I began to loveingly stroke its entire length. Now as it stood sticking out at a 45 degree upward angle, both of Butchs strong hands together grabbed the back of my head and pulled it downward and forward. Quite willingly and submissively I parted my quivering lips as my flairing nostril inhaled the strong fregrence of Butche’s Big Prick! Then I was actually taseting it as its large oval knobby bulbus head slipped well past my outstretched lips.

As my mind raced in the reality that I had Stiff Cock in my mouth, its strong musky like flavor began to sting my tastebuds. Next as I instinctively tightened my lips just beyond Butche’s glans, I felt a new kind of peaceful contentment as if my tongue suddenly had grown a mind of its own. Yes it began to lick warm hard Prickhead that immediately began to throb in response. Now fully beginning to understand the many Thrills and Joys associated with Sucking on A Hot Thick Cock, like every new first time dicklicker, I found myself overrun with wanting yet more of it to worship and sample. Butch told me then to watch my teeth as I began to breathe through my nose. Next those strong hands of his were guiding my head back and forth in three to four inch strokes as it began to Mouth Fuck Me a bit deeper! With each new exciting introduced inch, I found myself feeling so incredibly excited and more turned on. While my slopply novice mouth was making loud sucking noises, I reached down to my uniformed pants to free my own rock hard dick.

While I wasnt at all expecting Butch to suddenly remove it from my mouth and to stand up, I did lean back far enough so that it now was nearly level with my lower face. His deep voice was firm and in total control as he ordered me to “Suck It Like a Bitch in Heat!” Having shed every last ounce of my pride or shame, I became Butches Toilet Stall Blow Boy as I crudely but greedily began to deeply mouth that magnifficent Dick of his! God how alive and sexual I felt as my head began to bob like it was a mouth cunt made just for Butches selfish pleasure. When his head found my tight throat opening, he told me to relax and not to even think about trying to swollow as I began to slightly gag in relex. Then almost magically, his powerful hips suddenly thrust forward as it was rammed right down my throat. For maybe 10 seconds, Butch left it in all the way as I felt his hairly balls resting on the cleft of my chin. Then he withdrew most of it to only again shove it all the way home. This made me feel not only proud, but also so Wonderfully Submissive as well. Yes I was then loving Giving Head more than anything I could ever remember. Now Butch became quite verbal as he told me He had a Big four day old Hot Load that my new Faggot Mouth was just going to Love!

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