Incest stories: Mother and son listen to each other pleasuring

Incest stories: Mother and son listen to each other pleasuring

My husband, Jeffery, died four years ago. It was peaceful for him, it seemed, though, with three sons, all teens, it was my life’s hardest challenge. One good thing was he left us well covered financially. It’s the emotional coverage that has been lacking and there was nothing he could do about that.

So, you cope.


Our two oldest boys are in college and there’s only Neil, the youngest, eighteen and a senior in high school, left at home. While, of course, I miss my two older boys, Neil is a good student, never any trouble, and nice to have around.

The emotional vacuum left by Jeff’s passing, has not been filled in any measure by anyone new and I’ve been left, like many single women, I suppose, to deal with matters as best I can.

For the first time since I was in college, I’ve now got a few vibrators and a dildo that provide me some sexual relief though never a good substitute for the real thing attached to a caring and attentive man.

So, my sex was strictly solo and, well, it’s all I had.

I mostly tried to take care of my sexual needs when Neil wasn’t around as I do like to enjoy my masturbating as much as I can and, well, sometimes, I get a bit spirited and vocal. But finding just the right time isn’t always possible so, one night, I’d gone to bed and was using the dildo, I often forgo the vibrators when Neil is home, and I was in just the right mood for the feelings to be much better than usual.

So, I suppose I was a little louder than normal when I began hearing sounds from his end of the hallway. Of course my door was closed, his usually is as well but, after all, the rooms in the house are connected by heating ducts so I suppose that might be how I heard him.

There was little doubt of what I was hearing, my son was obviously masturbating as was his mother down the hall from him, masturbating as well.

Knowing Neil was doing the same, I tried to hold down my orgasm but, well, maybe there was a bit of extra eroticism in us doing it together in time if not space, and I was a little louder than I’d intended.

About a minute after I’d orgasmed, Neil, quite obviously, had a roaring orgasm himself that could not be mistaken for anything but. I lay there, part of me rather turned-on by it all, part of me rather wanting to put the whole thing out of my mind and fall asleep.

At breakfast the next morning, it was a Saturday, I fixed him bacon and eggs, the usual weekend fare he likes, and when I sat down with him while he ate, he said, quietly, “I really enjoyed last night, Mom, you know, when we were both, um, you know, getting off.”

I felt my face warm and I just sipped some more of my coffee not knowing how to respond or even if I should.

When I didn’t reply, he added, “I really thought it was cool to hear you cum when you did, I’m glad you have some enjoyment, you’re still too young not to.”

I just sat there, really at a loss, when he went on, “When I heard you, it just made me so hard, well, that I just had to do it myself.”

I finally said, “Um, I did hear you as well, at the end, especially.”

“We could do it together, Mom, it was really pretty cool last night, might even be better that way, doing it together. I’ve heard you before and, well, it’s always been pretty hot listening to you. When I do, it helps me get off and, well, I would’t mind if you saw me doing it.”

I simply had no words that would come out of my mouth as he added, “I’ll bet we would both be happier doing it together.”

I soon left the kitchen, still unable to voice anything about his suggestion. But, it did not leave my thoughts, especially when I masturbated later that night. There were images of Neil, naked, stroking his penis as I lay opposite him, legs splayed, fingering deeply, both of us looking at each other as our passion erupted in unison. I tried to shake these thoughts away but they kept coming back unbidden.

Then, several days later, he returned to the subject as we were finishing supper.

“Have you thought about my idea, Mom, that we get ourselves off together?”

If I’m being honest, as soon as he said it, there was a feeling between my legs. I am human, after all, and some things happen whether you want them to or not.

“Honestly, Neil, I haven’t, it just seems, well, improper for a mother and son to do something like that.”

“We both have needs and desires, Mom, they’re natural, you taught me that yourself.”

“Yes, I know, but…well somethings are private.”

“Okay but answer me this: Does the idea turn you on some? Be honest.”

Shit. Be honest. Now what?

“Well, I don’t see what that has to do with it,” I put right back to him.

“It has everything to do with it, Mom. Look, we’re both lonely, single, unattached. A little fun for ourselves is all we have, why not try to make it more fun, more, um, erotic, more enjoyable. I won’t ever tell anyone, you know that. It’s just you and me.”

“But, well, I’m your mother not your girlfriend,” I said, knowing it was a pretty lame argument.

“If that’s supposed to mean that you’re not sexy any more, well, I can tell you that you are wrong, very wrong. Maybe you’ll be mad at me but I can tell you that you give erections to your youngest son, you’re pretty hot, Mom. Why not enjoy it? We’re both lonely, why not?”

Damn, I thought, he’s right in a way. What would it be to get naked with my son and for each of us to have some solo fun?

So, I told him, “Well, we could try doing it in the same room, maybe with a sheet over our middles. But that’s all I’m prepared to do.”

“Okay, we can try that, why not?” he said with a rather mischievous grin on his face.

So, we watched TV until about ten, then he asked me, “Think we could try our new thing?” again, with that cute grin of his.

We got up and I went into my bedroom and got down to my bra and panties and got in bed, pulling the sheet up to my stomach. A minute later, in walked my youngest son in his briefs, quite tented-out, with a bottle of hand lotion, a beach towel and the grin he had on earlier.

He sat in a chair and put the towel over his lap and slid his briefs to the floor. I guess this was it, I thought, as he squirted some lotion on his palm and put his hand under the towel which began spearing straight up and down leaving no question as to what was happening underneath.

I suppose my part of the bargain was to also supply a bit of erotic interest by baring my breasts, which, thankfully, had mostly maintained their shape and lift over the years, I did look pretty good for a thirty-nine year old woman who has had three children. I was MILF material, I felt sure, but I was still hoping that my son would find me attractive, I am human, after all.

So, I reached around as I caught his eyes glued to me, unhooked my bra and pulled it off my arms.

I was hoping he wouldn’t say anything but he did, “Oh, Mom, you’re beautiful, really beautiful.”

I’ve never read any advice column that said what a mom should say to her son when he compliments her on her boobs so I just did a simple, “Thank you,” and put my hands under the sheet and pulled my panties off, bringing them out and with a bit of drama for the occasion, dropped them on the floor.

Then my hand went back under as I widened to begin rubbing.

“Mmm, oh, this is good, Mom, don’t get mad but you’re hotter than Playboy,” he moaned as the towel went up and down.

Well, I knew that for my age, my boobs were pretty nice but I also knew that I couldn’t compare with the hot, young women in the standard of men’s magazines. But, well, it was still nice to hear such sweet words from my son.

I didn’t really want to use any toys, that just seemed a little too much this first time out and my fingers have always been pretty effective at bringing me to orgasm, so I rubbed and fingered and rubbed some more, all the while underneath the sheet.

I tried to look elsewhere and not at Neil all the time but my eyes kept being pulled back to the rising and falling of the beach towel covering his lap. Thoughts of what he looked like underneath kept popping into my head, completely unbidden as I pressured myself on. There was no question about one thing: it was more arousing and erotic this way, no doubt about it. Much more.

“Are you close, Mom, I’m getting there. I’ll slow down if you aren’t,” my son groaned as his arm moved up and down.

“Go ahead, if you want, Neil, it’s okay,” I panted as my breathing was beginning to become labored.

“No, I’ll slow down, I really love it when we’re together at the end,” he said as his movement under the towel slowed.

I know as you read this it must sound somewhat strange but, though it had started out as pretty uncomfortable, it was becoming easier to be sexual in front of my son, it was seeming more natural and familiar.

I kept fingering myself getting myself closer as I knew Neil wanted and when I was finally panting, finger-fucking myself rapidly, I told him, “I’m close now, go ahead I’m right there,” and his towel began going up and down much faster as his eyes closed and head fell back.

“OH, OH, UUH, huh, mmm, mmm, oh, Mom, that was go good, mmm,” he groaned as I cried out, “OH, OH, MMM, SO GOOD, YES, YES, oh, oh, oh, it’s sooo…” and I was laying back, out of breath, panting after the most wonderful orgasm I’d had in quite a few years.

“Wow, Mom, that was good, huh?”

I never thought one of my sons would be asking me about the quality of my orgasms but there it was. And, well, the truth is that he was mostly responsible for how wonderful it was.

Catching my breath, I told him, “Yes, Neil, it was quite wonderful. I guess I have to admit that you had a pretty good idea, it’s quite erotic doing it this way.”

“Think how good it would be if we could really watch each other, you know, without this towel and without your sheet.”

“Hmm, well, I think it’s time for bed. We can talk about that another time,” I told him and he went off to bed as I turned out the light to lay there wondering if he was right, if we, both lonely and sexually alone, should try to have the best sexual experiences we could. But I just didn’t know if I could get naked and masturbate in front of my son. I was pretty sure I’d enjoy watching him do it but for him watching his mother? Oh my.

Chapter 2

The thoughts didn’t leave my mind all the next day and, when it came time for bed again, Neil asked me if we were going to have a repeat session. I told him we could and soon he came into my room in his briefs with the beach towel again.

He settled into the chair, covered his lap and slid the briefs off onto the floor.

I had taken my bra off which prompted him to comment, “You sure are making it easier for me when you look like that, Mom. You are so hot.”

It was nice to hear but I decided not to comment. He had his lotion with him which he applied to his hand, then slipped it under the towel as it began to rise and fall.

I had already slipped off my panties so my fingers began pleasuring myself as I closed my eyes to enjoy it. It was definitely more erotic this way, feeling better and better as I opened my eyes to see my son stroking his cock up and down, the towel now on the floor. His head was back and I decided not to say anything, just watch as I began fingering myself, curving my two middle fingers in and out as he moved his fist up and down.

He was beautiful as he masturbated across from me, simply stunning, his young and muscular naked body softly shadowed in my bedroom’s light as he stroked his long, lovely cock up and down as my heart beat to his rhythm. I hadn’t felt this aroused in, well, years, many years. He was right, I thought, this is the way to do it, we should be able to see each other enjoying our masturbating to the fullest.

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