Jessica spies on mom and brother

Jessica spies on mom and brother, family taboo, Jessica Sullivan didn’t realize how much she missed sleeping in her own bed until she had come home from her first year in college for spring break. Everything in college was fantastic except for the old twin mattress that god knows how many other kids had slept on in her dorm room. It could never compare to the queen sized mattress in her room at home. Of course, it didn’t matter how big and comfortable her mattress was when she was this hungover. It had been great to see her high school friends, and especially her best friend, who had decided to come home too this week. But they all might have over done it at the house party they went to last night.

She picked up her phone and couldn’t believe she had woken up at 6:30 after stumbling back home at 2am last night. There was no way she was getting back to sleep without some aspirin or Tylenol or whatever so after lying in agony for 15 minutes she pushed herself up and headed downstairs to the kitchen and the medicine cabinet.

Turning the corner at the bottom of the stairs, she saw her kid brother, James, and mom, Rachel, standing in front of one another in the kitchen. James in a t-shirt and jeans, as always. Mom in one of her new silk robes, which Jessica had been happy to see since it meant mom splurged on something for herself. It made sense that they were both up. He was a senior in high school and their spring breaks didn’t sync up so she had the week off while he had to wait until next week. Mom was up to make him breakfast like she made breakfast for both her kids every day until Jessica had left for college.


Jessica was about to say “good morning” to them when Mom tilted her head up and her brother lowered his. They kissed. It wasn’t a quick goodbye peck but a hungry, passionate kiss that went on and on. Mom wrapped her arms around James’s neck and his hands ran down her lower back then ass. His fingers squeezed and her mom moaned into her brother’s mouth, making Jessica shiver in horror.

“What if Jess comes down?”

“She won’t. I heard her come home at 2.” Mom, always one to worry.

They kissed again, tongues dancing against each other, for a few more moments before mom pulled away. She smiled up at her son before she ran her hands down his chest and stomach, her head and torso following her hands downwards. Jess wasn’t a virgin but it still took her a second to process what she was seeing.

“We don’t have a lot of time before I gotta go,” James said as sound of a belt and zipper being undone filled the kitchen.

Her mother laughed. “I don’t think a senior in high school has ever cared about getting to school on time, especially when he’s about to get his cock sucked.”

Mom,” he whined, dragging the word out. Even though he was one of the best swimmers on the school team, her brother had always been on the bookish side.

“Well then, you better make it fast.”

The floor plan of the house didn’t hide anything in the kitchen from the living room but not vice versa which was good because Jess was too stunned to move. Not that it mattered since her brother and mom were too engrossed in their current activity to notice anything but each other. Mom undid the button to his jeans with a flourish and a grin. Jess saw the outline of her brother’s dick pressed up against his jeans but couldn’t believe how big it looked. That is, she didn’t believe it, until her mom tugged his jeans down.

It was the longest and thickest she’d seen, at least eight inches long and wide enough her mom could only just reach around it with her hand. And it wasn’t fully hard yet. Jess swallowed a gasp. She wasn’t a size queen and pretty easy to please. Every guy she had been with got her off as long he didn’t blow too fast. Her last boyfriend, though, had been thicker than anything she’d had before and she liked that it got her off sooner than usual. She pushed that thought from her brain.

Her mom stroked it a few times while kissing it all over before her tongue snaked out and ran around the head. Her brother groaned and his hips pushed forward, hunting for more pleasure. Mom gave it to him. She took him into her mouth with her tongue extended, all while continuing her strokes. Jess watched as her mom’s tongue moved in and out, rubbing the underside of the crown of her brother’s dick over and over again.

Mom.” This time her brother drew the word out because of pleasure.

“Do you like when mom sucks you off before you go to school?” she asked when she pulled away. His fully hard dick had to have been nine inches long. “Mommy loves going into work with a belly full of her baby boy’s cum.”

Mom took the dick back into her mouth with a swirl of her tongue around the head. This time she moved down inch by thick inch until her lips touched the shaved skin of her brother’s groin. Her brother had his fingers intertwined in mom’s blonde hair, loosening the tight bun she wore for work.

Like mother, like daughter. Jess almost laughed. So this is where she had gotten her lack of a gag reflex from. Her group of girlfriends in college had gotten one of their own a big, black dildo as a joke and one drunken night it had been taken out. Everyone got it as deep as they could but only Jess could take the 10 inches all the way, and she took it as easy as the rest of them took the first inch. She wouldn’t say she enjoyed sucking actual dick but she didn’t hate it like some of her friends. The hard plastic taste of the dildo definitely didn’t do anything for her though.

Her kid brother’s moan brought her out of that memory as he pushed his dick in and out of their mother’s throat. The profile view let Jess see her mom’s throat bulging out over and over again and she wondered if her friends had found the sight of it happening to her as fascinating as she did with her mom. She also couldn’t believe how long mom could keep it up. Her experiments with the dildo had her gasping for breath after every few strokes, though trying not to laugh along with her friends might have had something to do with it.

Thick strands of spit covered every vein crisscrossing her brother’s dick. Mom’s hands took advantage of all the natural lube, pumping the entire length with a corkscrew motion as she caught her breath. A soft grunt escaped her brother’s mouth every time their mom gave the head a gentle twist. She brought her mouth back into play, taking a couple of inches in even while continuing the motion of her hands. Soon her mouth and hands matched their rhythm and her brother’s soft grunts had grown louder as their mom touched almost every inch of skin of his dick at once.

Jess couldn’t tear her eyes away from her mom’s mouth, moving back and forth on the first couple of inches. The underside of her tongue swirled around the head right as she took it in before she repeated what she had done before with the topside of her tongue on the underside the crown of his dick. It must have felt fantastic since he moved her head faster and faster but keeping her at the same depth. How her brother was taking their mom’s willing mouth just for his pleasure differed so much from how Jess normally saw her quiet brother, she wouldn’t have believed it if she wasn’t watching it with her own eyes.

The face-fucking continued and Jess realized a scene like this had to have happened before. She wondered when and how it started. She stopped wondering when her brother’s groans turned into loud grunts and the concentration on his face start to slip into agony when mom pushed on his thighs to pull away.

“Remember to tell mommy how her throat feels.”

His fingers flexed as she pulled her face back towards his dick. Her mouth opened and he plunged himself to the root.

“Oh god mom, your throat feels incredible. It’s so fucking tight.”

Mom hummed low and long in response causing James to start thrusting.

“So wet. So hot. So tight,” her brother chanted like a religious mantra, each phrase timed with pulling almost his entire dick out of mom’s throat and shoving it back down. The wet sound of his cock entering and exiting mom’s throat filled the kitchen and living room. None of the guys Jess had been with had ever done anything like this before. They all treated her with kindness and respect which she had always appreciated and loved. The sight in front of her didn’t change a thing. Being used for someone else’s pleasure held no interest for her.

“That’s it, mom. Take my cock. Take it all!” Her baby brother stopped his thrusting and forced his entire dick into mom’s throat and held it there. “You like my cock in your throat?!”

Then Jess heard someone moaning. Her brother was still chanting and it definitely wasn’t her, which left one person. Mom was moaning around her son’s cock. Even more surprising to Jess, mom had a hand under her robe, the steady rhythmic motion giving away the hidden action, and answering her brother’s question.

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