For the past 7 years I am a regular reader of INDIAN SEX STORIES, thought of posting one more of my experience today here. If you guys got any feedbacks or suggestions you can mail or message me on Gmail or hangouts war ping kiva. ([email protected]).

This story is about a hot sexy seductive middle class housewife from MUMBAI who replied to one of my post’s on FACEBOOK and LOCANTO and how later on I gave her body relaxing, peaceful massage service at her place and fucked her to the core. We both enjoyed a lot and had the best time and moments of our life.


Talking about me I am from Mumbai studying in the ARTS faculty and searching a part time or full time job. Athlete, healthy body and build, 5-9’ in height, good stamina, with a tool enough to satisfy any girl women or lady. Spending time with girl’s women females and making them smile laugh happy and take away the pain from their heart is one of the thing I like the most. As I am jobless now, I am working as an individual, independent part time massager only for females.

Coming to the story, this experience happened last week after I had posted a post on both FACEBOOK and LOCANTO. Soon I received a message Hi on my hangouts. She introduced herself as Varsha (name changed and the heroine of this story) and started asking me about me and the services I provide during massage and after it. I gave her a brief information of all that she needed and wanted to know. On further chatting I came to know that she was a proper middle class housewife from the suburbs of Mumbai with a kid and her hubby working in a government office. After receiving all the details the meeting was fixed at her place on Wednesday noon at 12:30 as her hubby used to be at office 10-7 and her son at school 12-7.

As decided, I reached her place at around 12:30 in the noon and rang the bell. A beautiful lady opened the door. On seeing her I was awestruck as she was wearing a red color nighty and was damn too sweet cute hot sexy seductive and beautiful. She had a perfect hot, sexy, seductive figure of 36-30-36 cha, fair as milk. She was wearing a red colour transparent nighty. Everything inside it was almost visible and clear. Seeing her like that I was blank shocked and speechless and almost had a hard that instant but controlled somehow. On seeing me she was very happy and gave me a sweet naughty smile and asked me to come in. As soon I entered she closed the door and asked me to have a seat. I took a seat, meanwhile she went inside and got me some snacks and cold drink. After that we talked laughed made fun of each other cracked jokes had a couple dance about each other had a couple dance for almost half hour. As soon as she got comfortable she asked me to follow her in her bedroom and asked me to get myself and my stuff ready. I arranged all my stuff heated the oil mild and was ready to give my service, meanwhile she changed her clothes and returned out of the washroom, in a bikni and red colour thong with proper holes near the asshole and pussy area.

Looking at her beauty I was freezed and got a hard. She saw me and tool giving her a standing salute from my pant. She blushed gave me a naughty and hot look and smile biting her lips and lied on the bed on her stomach.

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I poured few drops of oil on her ass calf thighs and feet and started rubbing and massaging it slowly applying some pressure gently pressing her muscles and opening up the exerted areas and points. As the exerted part was opening and getting relaxes she was moaning in a bit of pain as the female body gets thrice more exhausted and strained than that of a male they need it more such massages almost on a daily basis. Soon all her exhausted points oh feet calf and thighs were healed and relaxed .

I started squeezing and massaging her ass and she herself spread her legs apart and gave me direct acess to massage her pussy. She was enjoying it a lot and soon her moans of pain were converted into moans of lust excitement and naughtiness. Soon I started to massage the area around her pussy and asshole and she was getting hornier naughty and aroused. She started moaning, “aah aahhh… mmmm…. mmmm… ”. While massaging, I asked her if she is comfortable with me sliding my fingers inside her asshole and pussy. She was so aroused that she straight away got hold of my dick and said, “ Do whatever you want to do…. I am all yours from now on … you want to squeeze me lick me kiss me finger fuck my ass or pussy or bang me… do whatever you want to do as you want I am giving myself to you “ and started scortching my dick.

I took this as a green signal and without wasting my time I poured some oil in her asshole and pussy and started inserting my one finger in her ass and the other okaying with her pussy lips. Soon the other finger was inside her pussy and both the fingers were moving front and back in her ass and pussy simultaneously. Initially it was slow but soon and steadily I increased the pace of fingering. She was moving her whole body and ass in excitement fun and enjoyment. She was moaning hard loud with deep breathes, “aah aahhh aahh aahhh mmmm mmm fuck me …. fuck me you bastard you dog, fuck my pussy and ass hard spank me bang me fuck … fuck my ass fuck my pussy drain all my water out…fuck me fuck me …. mmmm aaaahhh aaahh tushu aaahhh aahhh”.

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Her pussy was oozing out sweet and sour tasty juices and water or rather in my word MAALAI. Meanwhile she had cummed twice while finger fucking her and was a bit exhausted. I made her come in doggy style while licking her pussy from behind and fingering her ass. Her whole body was shivering in enjoyment fun excitement. After a few minutes when she cummed for the third time she turned around and started kissing me like some wild horny mad lioness waiting to hunt down her prey. She tore my shirt and pulled it off my body and threw it away along with my inners and also removed my pants and undies making me nude. She was in no mood of stoping and was at the pick of her wildness kissing me biting me licking me. She pushed me on bed and came in 69 position and started jerking my dick giving one of the best handjob and blowjob I ever had. She was sucking it like some pro from the porn movies making me feel in heaven. She was moving her ass and pussy on my face making me lick her pussy holding her hips squeezing her ass and spanking her white ass and then fingering her asshole.

Then after a few minutes she turned around took a condom from the packet pulled it out of the rapper and put in on my dick. Straight away after she started rubbing my dick in her pussy and sat on it taking it inside her wet hot pussy in one go. “Aaahhh” a sweet and loud moan came out of her mouth as her pussy was too tight as I guess that she may had not fucked for months. Then after kissing me she started moving front and back tightening her pussy grip on my dick. She gave her big melons in my mouth and made me suck them squeeze them and drink the milk oozing out of her boobs.What a great feeling it was sweet boobs oozing out milk in my mouth and my dick inside her hot wet pussy oozing out juices. We were giving love bites to each other while fucking and were kissing each other like some hungry predator.

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Then she became straight and started jumping on my dick squeezing her boobs with her hands biting her lips giving naughty horny seductive expressions. I hold her hips and started banging and ramping her pussy in full speed from below. Spanking her ass she was swearing at me and moaning loudly in enjoyment pleasure fun. She was screaming, “Tushar you dog fucker fuck me aaahh aahhh mmmm mmm from today I am your gf your wife your whore your fucking doll ….. come and fuck me daily … I want you inside me each day and night spanking me banging me ramping my pussy …fuck my pussy make it swollen tear it and my ass … fuck me fuck me hard fuck me more just keep fucking me you asshole fuck me fuck me ….cool down the fire of my ass and pussy fuck me fuck me fuck me …. Aaahhh mmmm aaaahh ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckk you dog my fucker you asshole …. I have waited and resisted a lot don’t make me wait more fuck me drain me drain all my juices out …z. ffuucckk fffffuuuucccckkk fuvk me tear my pussy apart bang it hard ramp it make it swollen fucking it more more I want more of you inside me daily you fucker …from now on you are my fucker …. You will fuck me whenever I need I want from now on fuck me fuck me fuck me Tushar aaahhhh aaahhhh mmmmmhhh mmhhh Tushar tushu aahhhhh ahhhhh mmmmm”. I fucked her like that for almost half hour to 40 minutes meanwhile she had cummed twice again. I was too on my peak ready to explode. I gave her a hint and she told me that she wants the cum on her body. I took out my dick made her lie down and just exploded my hot juices on her body.

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