Mom Plays Nurse

Mom Plays Nurse… After braking both of his arms in a motorcycle accident, a 17 year old has to rely on his mother to help him in everyday things including bathing and going to the toilet, but gets extras in the process.

I always remembered my dad once talking about motorbikes with the family in the front room of the house, debating how the great Barry Sheen was a rare breed after he’d come off his bike again braking his legs, and how they were death traps.


“Bloody dangerous if you ask me,” dad said, “if you come of one of them you’ve got no metal between you and the road unlike a car.”

Watching the news report of Bazza being hauled into the back of the ambulance dad continued,

“And it’s even worse for the person on the back!”

“Why?” I asked bemused,

“cos they always come off second best that’s why, the ones riding pillion always get hurt more than the rider, if ever anyone, even one of ya’ mates ask ya to go on the back of their bikes stay off you’re safer that way son!”

Well of course being just 17 years old I completely ignored what he said, what the hell does dad know. Let’s face it at that age you just do things and to hell with the consequences and that was the case when on a Tuesday summer evening after school on some open ground my friend Paul and his brother were riding around on their bike or as us locals called them ‘chicken-chasers’.

To say it was barely legal was doing it a favor, no tax, no insurance, sounding like a Sherman tank because of no muffle on the exhaust and blowing bluish like the Flying Scotsman as Ryan sped all over the waste ground with his brother on the back doing his best impression of a Hell’s Angel.

“Wanna ride Mat?” Ryan said as his brother got off the back after being scared witless from his journey.

“Come on then!” egging Ryan on with bravado, making out I wasn’t scared as I took Paul’s helmet off him and placed onto my head for protection. Sitting down on the back, Ryan revved the engine over and over again causing me to giggle as I put my arms around him to hang on waiting for the burst of g that was surely going to hit me as he sped off.

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“Hang on tight, ok!” Ryan shouted as we went off like our arses were on fire all across the waste ground, my vision blurring from the trees, rubble and greenery flying past at breakneck speed.

That’s all I remember until I woke up in hospital with a fractured shoulder and both arms broken and set in a pugilist’s stance. From the shouting outside the room it dawned on me that it wasn’t just me that went flying, the accusations started to fly also between my parents and sisters. Who was to blame, why wasn’t the bike legal etc etc. To be fair, it was harsh blaming Ryan as he didn’t force me to go on the bike, I did it on my own free will. As it started to quiet down mom then entered the room and gave a right old ear full about how stupid I’d been and how close I’d come to being killed.

After mom had calmed down the rest of the family entered the room as she explained what had happened, it appears that as Ryan and me went over a knoll on the waste ground we both fell off, he unbelievably just got a sprained ankle but like my dad had warned me earlier I came off worse, it was only the fact that I was wearing a crash helmet that saved me from more serious injury. She then carried on,

“Jesus Mat! what the hell was you thinking of?, you know this has screwed up your schooling for the next 6 weeks as you can’t write or even go to school.” “Soz mom!” I replied in agony from my fractures while my sisters giggled.

“The staff have said they’re going to keep you in overnight in case you have concussion.”

“Are you going to stop me from hanging around with Paul because of this?” I asked knowing mom was upset about what had happened.

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“Of course not, let’s be honest it wouldn’t make much difference anyway, you’d still hang around with him.” mom took a deep breath and finished by saying “I just want you to be a bit more careful, that’s all.”

With that they left the room leaving me to think about what had happened and how I was going to cope with both of my arms immobile. Dad then brought some light hearted relief to the proceedings though when as he exited the room and took the piss out of me because of the day’s events and even started shouting like the Japanese Kamikaze pilots used to in WWII laughing out loud as he left the room to go home with mom and Diane and Claire.


After waking up the next day and having breakfast with the help of a nurse, who was a stern looking woman of around 45 years of age I found out that the doctor was going to give me checkup to see if I was well enough to go home. Not having gone to the toilet since the day before I told a her that I needed to go and she obliged by helping me off the bed the pulling down my boxers and letting me shuffle over to a table with an urinal carton placed upon it. After a bit of a struggle while I swung my hips side to side I managed to put my cock in the end.

Standing there with my boxers around my ankles and arse cheeks in full view it took ages to relax knowing that the nurse was somewhere behind me watching.

“Sorry about this son, I’ve got to stay with you in case you fall over and hurt yourself.”

Finally after looking straight at the blank wall for a few minutes I managed to empty myself, filling the carton to the rim. Having an empty bladder wasn’t my only relief as I knew only too well that mom was on her way and it would’ve been almost unbearable for me to let mom to see me like this.

Mom was already there at 8 o’clock when he came round, and after a quick once over I was given the all clear to go. Mom then got a pair of p.j’s and a housecoat out of a sports bag she had with her then said

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“I’ve bought these and 3 other pairs which I’ve left for you at home love, it’ll be easier than trying to continually get in and out of ya’ jean’s and t- shirts” then showed me the pair that she brought with her. “Now!, let’s get ya’ dressed so we can go home”

Mom then proceeded to dress me in the clothes which she had brought, luckily for me I still had my boxers on from the previous day thus allowing me to keep my modesty.

Mom escorted me to the car and helped me get in and then buckled me in for the 10 minute drive to the house. Starting the engine mom said

“When we get home I need to have a serious chat with you about how we’re going to get through this as your arms broken and you’re gunna have to rely on me for help for the next few weeks”

“Ok!” I replied not really taking in the ramifications of what she had said. “What about school?” I asked,

“Don’t worry! It’s all sorted and they know everything, they’re going to send some material around to the house every week so I can teach you a little so you don’t lose too much in the way of schooling.”

Now before I go on let me tell you about myself and my family. As you already know my name is Mathew or Mat to everyone else. I’m the youngest of 3 children and with the rest of my family we lived in a 3 bedroom house and at the time of the accident my sister Diane who was 15 then there was Claire who was 14. My dad who is named John worked in a local engineering works on and finally my mom whose name is Eileen.

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