My pre marriage experinces

This is my first story. I am Suresh, 65 years old. This was the story when I was at age of 20. I have completed my intermediate and entered in degree college.

The college was not a co education college and so I didn’t have any girl friends. I used to go to college by city bus where in women’s college girls also travel with us. In the front side of the bus ladies, and back side gents are allowed. Regularly I used to stand in middle so that I can touch girls very much. It was a great feeling when girls boobs and ass touch with our bodies. Many a time my dick touched so many girls’ ass cheeks. Few girls enjoyed my touch. By seeing this some girls used to smile themselves. Occasionally I tried to seduce my unmarried aunt, who taught me about sex. She never allowed me to fuck but to press boobs only. In those days I used to read porn books which were brought by my father for my mother. This reading lead to hire books from rented shop and habituated to such porn and never had any physical touch with any female. In those days there were no mobile phones to watch porn but I used to watch Malayalam movies where in occasionally porn scenes. Though I was very much eager to fuck any, I afraid of deceases.


I completed my graduation and I was in search of job. Then I fall in love with neighbor girl named Puja and we used to meet in bus stand and nearby gardens. Some times we met theatres also. Once I kissed her and pressed boobs in the theatre. Then she aroused very well and tried to touch my dick over my pant. I opened my zip and handed over my dick to her. She stroked it.

Next when we met in the garden I asked her for intercourse. She asked whether I brought any condom. I said no. She didn’t allow me to fuck without condom . In the next meeting I met her with condom and then she allowed to me fuck. First I kissed her lips and pressed boobs. I lifted her voni and petty coat and saw her vigina.

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First time I saw a vagina very close. Though I saw number of ladies bathing, they were far from my sight. I was very much excited to see vagina very close and so kissed it. She moaned soft. There after I lied down her on the ground and was ready to start fucking. She asked for condom. I gave it to her. She put it to my penis and allowed me to fuck. I fucked for 15 minutes and ejaculated. She disappointed as she was not reached her orgasm . I said sorry to her and told I could not control as it was first time. After 20 minutes she took my dick into her hands and stroked it. It got erection. We enjoyed a lot in the garden. While doing so we observed somebody was coming towards us and we adjusted our dress and keep talking as lovers. He came near us and enquired what we were doing. We said we are lovers and we are going to marry shortly. He warned us not to come to the garden as it was not safe to meet before marriage. There after we find difficult to meet a better place and so we used to meet in cinema halls in noon shows only where there was very less crowd. Next I got a job and so I had to leave the place. We were used to write letters only and meet whenever I went on leave. But it was hard to meet her as I had very few leaves as I was new in job.

From there a sudden twist taken place in my life. During my job period, I happened to meet a young neighbor girl Preethi . She liked me very much and used to give curries prepared in their home. She used to call me uncle. Her mother treated me as her brother. I was living
alone in adjusant portion. I used to give house key to them for allowing maid to clean the house and utensils. So daily I used to meet them for collecting my keys and they used to offer tea and snacks.

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One day when I went to collect my keys Preethi was only there and offered hot tea. While sipping cup tilted and tea fallen on my pant . She tried to wipe it with her voni on my pant. With that touch I got erection and she noticed it and smiled herself and left for bringing my keys. I never had any feelings on her as I was already in love with some other girl Puja in my native place. Preeti wrote Intermediate exam and failed. Her father asked me to teach her maths . So she used to come to my portion daily at evening after I finish my job. She was being in my house for one to two hours for taking class. I used to cook my dinner and teaching her maths simultaneously . One evening I had given her a problem, asked to solve it and I was busy in my cooking. After finishing my cooking I returned to her and I found her reading a book. It was a porn book which I kept under pillow after reading. I forgot to keep it secure.

So she opened it and was reading. I asked her why you have taken this. She asked me do you like and read such books. I said yes and advised her you are not supposed to read such books and tried to take it back. She kept it under her thighs. So I could not take it back. But she gave a deaf ear to my words and taken that book along with her books. Next day she returned it and asked If I have any more such books. I was hesitant to give but she insisted me to give more books. I have so many such books and she used to take daily one book. Because of this her concentration decreased on her studies. So sometimes I need to give punishment by pinching her on shoulders. Thus touching started. Once I pinched her on thigh and there was no reaction from her. Day by day I advanced my pinching on her thigh deep near to her thigh corner. She smiled with my actions and never resisted.

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One day I pinched her almost near her vagina. Then she reacted and told me there may be eyes to doors and ears to walls, by singing a telugu song godalaki chevuluntay, talupulaki kalluntayi . Then I replied by singing godalaki chevudanta talupeste masakanta. That means walls can’t hear and it will be dark if we close the door. And touched her vagina on her petty coat. She gave a soft moan. Slowly I started her kissing her cheeks, neck and moved to her lips and locked her lips with mine for some time. I pressed her boobs above her blouse. I tried to open her blouse but she didn’t allow me to open. She left for home. I didn’t expect her next day for class. But she attended class as usually. I said sorry to her. She said why sorry, and my fault was also there for yesterday’s incident. In our discussion she revealed that she was in love with someone named Ram and she crossed her limits with him. She wanted to marry him but his caste was different and so parents may not accept their marriage. She asked my advice what to do as she was worrying that her marriage may affect her sisters. I told her as you are already crossed your limits you have to marry him only, but it may affect your sister’s marriage . And moreover you have not completed your education. I advised her to wait till she comletes her education and not to go for further physical contact with him.

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