My Step-Father Fucked Me

My Step-Father Fucked Me, indian sex stories, As I was describing, it was the times of my early adolescence when my father died due to a truck crash. Being the only child to my parents I had to take up the responsibilities of both my mom and the house while handling my education. So even though I used to get horny during my tasks I had to suppress it to handle my home.

A lot things changed in my house, mom got a job and everything was alright. Then, some of my relatives suggested to my mom to get re-married as it would be difficult for us to take care of all things, especially when having a growing girl in the house. So thinking about me and the security she got re-married to Alok.


He was few years younger than her, handsome and muscular. Even though I was skeptical at first, he handled all of us well. He took good care of me and my mom too in the bed. Their moans were loud enough to spoil my sleep. No wonder, that I used to have a crush on my step-dad, due to his nature and physique, of course.

As I was about to proceed further, I heard a doorbell and guessed it was the maid. So I separated from my FIL, wore my clothes and continued with my daily chores. He didn’t disturb me throughout the day. At night, after dinner, I was expecting my husband to come home but he didn’t.

My FIL then asked me, “What happened next that lead you to fuck your father?” I continued.

So as I said earlier, everything was going fine. The income from my father and mother helped us to sustain better. One day, my parents left to attend a wedding and I had to stay home for my final exams. They were supposed to return by night but they didn’t. I thought maybe they were having fun there.

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But a after few hours, I got to know that my mother and the driver got killed in an accident. My father sustained a few minor injuries as he was wearing a seatbelt. From that moment on, things weren’t the same as before.

Most of the time, the house used to be silent. He used to feel pity about his situation. There wasn’t much that I could have done. But none the less, one day while filling up my bottle, I heard some voices. I landed up near my father’s room and maybe he forgot to close the door.

I saw him masturbating on the bed with his 6’’ boner in my mom’s name. Seeing his thing made me excited but I didn’t take things further as I didn’t want to spoil it all. But adolescence makes you do funny things. So I started wearing shorts at home and at night no panty or bra, just to see him excited and forget about my mom.

Everything was under control, but then the thing happened. It was a rainy day. I couldn’t sleep in my room due to the thunder sounds. So I went into my father’s room to sleep alongside him. Due to my habit, I forgot to wear panties and bra.

In the middle of the night, I felt someone fingering me. I woke up to see that my father was fingering my pussy which excited me. I asked, “What are you doing daddy?” He said, “The thing that you wanted.”

I was about to say something. He kept his finger on my lips and kissing my neck said, “I know you want this, by the way, you dress, see me, I could feel it.” Slowly he brought his lips to mine and I kissed him. It was my first kiss and it felt magical.

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Slowly his tongue was asking the permission to enter inside. So slowly we started tonguing each other and it was a unique feeling. Slowly I dragged my hand near his dick over his pant and felt it was hard so started pressing it. We broke the kiss and he pulled down the pants and pushed my head near to it and told me to suck it.

There I kept his dick near to my mouth and started sucking it. He said: “You suck better than your mother.” Then his white liquid oozed in my mouth and I swallowed it, it was tasty. Now he lifted me and threw me on the bed and started licking my pussy.

It was so orgasmic that after just a few licks I had an orgasm. Later, he laid out his rock hard dick and slowly inserted into my pussy. It was so painful to take his cock completely into me. That broke my seal. Seeing blood coming out of me, he kissed me and said, “Fucking you felt better than fucking your mother.”

In missionary position, he started fucking me. His thrusts were hard. I was moaning loudly because of the unknown satisfaction that I got from this experience. We then shifted to spoon position. He was fucking me while I was rubbing my crotch as it was hurting. My dad’s hand was playing with my boob.

Finally, we changed to doggy position and had a great bonding time. Then he was about to cum so I stopped him and did the tit fuck. His entire load came on my face. We kissed and slept on his bed.

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From that time on, we never used to wear inners at home. After the dinner time and we used to fuck daily. This became a habit from then onwards. He used to quench my thirst and I used to assume his wife-like role.

Hearing the entire story, made my FIL got so horny that we had a session at the night again. We tried something surprising like shower sex, colder night balcony sex, Kamasutra positions, etc.

Oh! He may be an old man but when things came to sex, he is a youngster who knows how to satisfy me. Until one day where he took it to a whole new level. He invited my father to the house for a threesome.

Yes, my Step Father and my FIL for a threesome. Wanna know what happened.

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