My wife and her father

My wife enjoys multiple orgasms while unknowingly having sex with her long time estranged father..

One night my wife has sex with three men in a row. She enjoys multiple orgasms while unknowingly having sex with her long time estranged father.

I would like to start by telling a little about me, my wife and our situation. If you want to get to the good stuff you will have to skip ahead several paragraphs. Also, this is all from my point of view. I found it all very hot, hopefully you will too.


We have been together for about 20 years. We married young and neither of us had many partners before we met. She is average height, long brown hair, brown eyes. A little on the curvy side with a very nice ass and nice C cup breasts. What sets her apart is how she enjoys sex. The way she moans, the way she moves, the way her pussy feels around your cock just screams that she loves it and needs to be fucked. In public she is quiet and reserved. No one would ever guess how much she craves cock and loves to fuck. That is what really drives me crazy.

About five years into our relationship she asked what I thought about trying an open relationship. Our sex life was great but the thought of having sex with other women compelled me to go for it. She had always been bi-curious so we decided our first time should be with another couple.

It took us several months of searching online to find a couple we were both interested in and comfortable with. We chatted with them for a while and then met them for dinner one night (our rule was to meet people in person before meeting for sex). On the way home after dinner we both decided to take the next step. We setup another meeting with the couple and waited anxiously for the day to come. When it finally arrived we met them at their apartment. It was a pretty average place. The large bed was messy and sitting on the floor in the middle of the bedroom, where we all took a seat.

The couple didn’t waste much time. After some small talk the woman began caressing my wife. Soon both women were naked and kissing each other and rubbing each other all over, with us guys looking on. The other woman had a body similar to my wife with a cute, exotic face. The guy had a heavier build than my average frame and he wasn’t very attractive. However, he was confident, which was a turn on to my wife, she had told me.

The foreplay between the women didn’t last long. Soon the guy moved in and started putting his hands on my wife, pealing off his clothes. I still vividly remember the rush of emotions as I watched him kiss her. I watched as she closed her eyes and began kissing him back as he fondled her exposed breasts. As she moved her hand over his crotch to feel his hard cock. I watched as she helped him remove his boxers. I was mesmerized. I was helpless, I couldn’t move.

Finally, I was ripped from my trance as a hand shook my arm and I heard a woman say “don’t worry, she’ll be fine, kiss me…” All of a sudden I had the other woman all to myself, and she wanted to have sex with me! That thought got me excited and I started kissing her. She had very soft lips and I loved the way she moved her tongue. I was really enjoying her body, her different smells, the feel of her skin as I moved my mouth all over her body.

When she nudged my head lower towards her pussy I looked over to see that the guy was already eating my wife. Her eyes closed, hands clentching the sheets. She was enjoying his tongue and I was now looking on at them with curiosity. The sight of her enjoying sex with another man was starting to excite me. I didn’t look too long, though, as I had a job to do.

As I ate the other woman’s pussy I couldn’t help but to catch glipses of what was going on across the room. By the time my partner had cum the other man had already put on a condom and was fucking my wife. Not gently, he had her legs resting on his shoulders and was fucking her with a good rhythm. The sight of that coupled with her moans was starting to really turn me on. I quickly put on a condom, got between my new partner’s legs and entered her. She felt so warm and I was so excited that I had to move in and out of her very slowly.

I tried to last but I was too stimulated. It wasn’t long before I was cumming hard inside of her as she pulled me close with her legs wrapped around me. I collapsed on top of her and looked over to see that my wife was still being pounded. He now had a hand around her neck and was really moving her body with each thrust of his big body. Harder and harder he fucked her until he released his cum and thrust a few final times.

We didn’t spend much time there after we had each caught out breath. We were both reeling from a wild new experience. We dressed, thanked them for a good time and headed home. For me it was an exciting night with a new woman. However, that was secondary to the biggest development that night. A spark had been ignited in me that has grown without end over the years. The desire to see my quiet, reserved wife spread her legs for men. To watch them slide their hard cocks inside of her and pump her full of cum. To watch her moan and enjoy the feeling of being fucked by different men.

We had numerous adventures over the next several years (which I can write about in more detail later). I had a few girlfriends and that was fun, but the majority of our adventures revolved around her and other men. We had some threesomes. At times I would just watch and video. Many times she would go out on her own. Over time we both developed an intense desire to have sex together when she was full of another man’s cum. It felt so amazing, unlike anything else, for both of us. It was a treat when she would go out with one of her lovers. She would come home as soon as he came in her so that we could have sex with her full of his cum.

Now, finally, on to the craziest, most erotic of our adventures. This one took place about 8 years ago when I was 33 and she was 28. When she was just a baby her father had left. Her mother had worked hard to raise her and her sister. My wife resented her father for leaving them, that was well known. We were at her mother’s house visiting when I overheard her mom telling a relative in the other room that she had just learned that her ex (my wife’s father) had recently moved close to where we live. It was that moment when a wild idea began to form.

Now, finding my wife decent, attractive, dependable, safe men isn’t always easy. At times she gets overwhelmed and leaves the searching to me. I make the online posts, go through all the responses and when I think I have a good one, I will show her. Sometimes she even enjoys it if I screen the men so that when they come over they are strangers to her. Once I tied her to the bed, blindfolded her and let one of these “strangers” come in and fuck her without her ever knowing who it was (another story for another time).

Back to the story… I decided to ask my wife if she ever thought about meeting her father. I asked if she was interested in ever knowing anything about him. Immediately she shot down the idea, again telling me she resents him and doesn’t want anything to do with him. I knew that would be her answer, I just wanted to be sure. The easy part of my plan was complete.

Next, I contacted her mom asking for her ex’s info. I explained that I had overheard her talking about him and that I was thinking about talking to my wife (her daughter) about him. She was surprised, knowing how my wife (and the rest of the family, including herself) felt about him. She didn’t have his info but said she would ask around for me. At that point I really felt my plan was not going to work. I did not expect to find an email from her a week later containing what I had asked for!

Excited by my progress I created a new account and emailed him as if he were someone who had responded to one of our posts. I started by thanking him for his interest. I described how we would want him to come over, have sex with my wife, and leave. I asked some general questions about what he liked. Finally I attached some very sexy pics of my wife, his daughter. Pics of her bending over, showing off her fine ass. They are very enticing pics, for sure. Then, I waited…

Days went by and nothing. I was beginning to give up hope, but then I got it. A response… He was understandably confused as to how he got the email. He went on to compliment her on the pics, saying how they were very sexy and that I was a lucky guy. As I read his email I started to get hard as I realized my plan might just actually work. He continued by saying the email was interesting and how he had never done anything like it. He asked how he could get into something like that. He described how he and his wife were getting older and his wife was not as interested in sex anymore. Then I read a question that really got me excited, because I knew he was really interested. He asked how old my wife was.

I responded back to him saying she was 28 and that she liked older men. I asked how old he was and if he might be interested. He emailed back almost immediately saying he was 52 and he would love to have sex with such a young sexy woman. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe what was happening. We continued emailing back and forth for a while until I felt he was comfortable and ready to meet. He sent me pics, he was neither a model or terribly unattractive. His body was fit though. He had taken decent care if himself through the years. I knew she would approve. Eventually I met him for dinner to talk more about how things would go.

In the meantime my wife had been working on her own new guy. She had met a younger man and was ready to play with him too. I suggested we invite them both over one special night, one after the other. She loved the idea and when I ran it by her dad, he agreed too!

I was beyond excited for that night. Everytime I thought about it I would get hard. She would be fucking a new guy. Then, unknown to her, her father would be filling her full of his cum. Finally, I would get to fuck her, full of two loads.

The plan was for her father to park down the street until the first guy left. The first guy came over and he was very polite. I led him back to the bedroom where my wife was waiting. I left the room to give them some privacy to get started. Soon I heard the talking stop and kissing sounds, so I went back in the dimely lit room to enjoy and record the show.

He had a nice long cock. He was on top of her as they kissed and he was trying to poke his cock inside of her. When she was wet enough, she reached down to help guide his cock to her hole. Soon it slipped in and slid deeper and deeper inside of her with each thrust. He started slowly feeling her body with his hands as he gently moved inside of her. I was so hard watching my wife get fucked, imagining what was to come. He fucked her missionary for a few minutes, then moved to fuck her doggy style. He began fucking her harder, making her tits sway with each motion. Her moaning with his cock inside of her was driving me crazy. He went back to missionary to finish. He started fucking her harder and harder until I could see him tense up as he shot his load deep inside of her. He kept sliding in and out of her slowly, giving me a nice view of her freshly fucked pussy. When he had enough, he got up, got dressed and I walked him out.

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