Nude family gains a new family member

Who would have ever thought that just being in your own back yard could change the rest of your entire life?

I am a six foot, one hundred eighty pound man with minimal fat yet an average looking male. I live in a neighborhood with homes in pretty close proximity of each other. Yards are separated by three and a half foot tall chain link fencing. The lot immediately behind my house is vacant with overgrown brush and trees, hiding any direct view into our backyard from the adjacent street. The house to the vacant lot’s left, looking from my back door is occupied by a single female with long blonde hair. She’s probably 5ft 8in and has a very nice body. More on that later. The house next to my house, also left from the back door, is occupied by an older, single gentleman who owns his own landscaping company. He’s lived there for a long time and parks his company truck in the drive, that’s how I know his business.


So, yesterday was Friday and I had had a very long and stressful week. The weather had been picture perfect all week and Friday was no exception. No clouds in the sky, a warm breeze and no one home but me. I did what I always do on a pretty day, I stripped out of my clothes, then went out on the back deck to get some sun. I absolutely love being outside, soaking up the sun naked, it’s very cathartic. I lose all my cares as the sun bathes my body from head to toe with warm caresses.

I had been lying in the sun for about thirty minutes when I realized that where I was lying, I could be seen from my back neighbor’s driveway if she drove in but didn’t put her car in her garage. I figured that I had some time before she got home from work so I continued to absorb the sun’s warmth. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I hear is a woman’s voice. When I raised my head from the lounger, I saw her standing in the driveway talking on her cellphone. I froze. Had she seen me? I didn’t know this lady, we’ve never met. Was she reporting a naked man to the police? Should I move or cover? My brain was in overdrive trying to make sense of what to do.

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I rationalized to move nonchalantly towards the door so as not to gain any attention from her way. All I had with me was a towel and my cellphone and, unfortunately for me, I was lying on my towel so it did me no good in covering up. As I begin to move I kept my focus on her as I watch for movement. She wasn’t looking my way so all was good, I thought. As my feet touched the ground, I stepped on my faithful dog’s tail resulting in a yelp. Spooked, I stood quickly and tried to grab the towel for cover. I turned to make sure my neighbor didn’t see me and sure enough, she was looking dead at me with her mouth open and her phone at her neck as she had lost focus on her phone call. Her focus was now on the entire front of my naked body as I stood with towel in hand. I had forgotten to cover myself when we made eye contact so there I was, on total display for my neighbor.

Slowly I raised my hand in an attempt to wave, to which my neighbor did the same as her phone remained at her neck. Her stare was broken by the voice on her phone. She looked down, raising her phone back to her ear and recovering the conversation she was having moments ago. At that queue, I dashed for the back door in an attempt to hide. I’m not sure if she looked back up but I was now inside my home, safe. As I stood inside the back door I realized why she was staring, I had a full erection. All eight and a half circumcised inches were at full salute. The thrill of what had happened made me stroke myself till I filled my empty hand with my juice. I then emptied my juice into my mouth and swallowed. I have learned to like my juice as my wife and I shared it over the years after she would suck me off. It’s not as bad a taste as you might think, an acquired taste I’d say.

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Now this morning, I sit here drinking coffee totally naked wondering if she enjoyed the view she got. I do like the early mornings before everyone gets up because I get to be naked without my daughters walking in on me. My wife has seen me many times walking around naked. She either doesn’t say anything or she’ll say “you better get some clothes on soon before Chelsey and Chloe get up.” This morning I didn’t care if I was caught, I had a raging hard on and my imagination was in overdrive.

As I drank my last bit of coffee I stood to go get a refill. From the living room to the kitchen is a direct path with the hallway door to the bedrooms at mid-path. As I reached that halfway point, Chloe appeared from the hallway and ran right into my left side. My natural reaction was to reach out to buffer any impact and to brace myself so as not to fall. I also turned towards Chloe to catch her so she wouldn’t fall, forgetting I was totally naked, I grabbed her and put my arms around her.

It was in that instance that I realized I was not the only one in the family who enjoyed being naked. Chloe, one of our 19 year old daughters, is a beautiful young lady. She is 5ft 6in with full D cup tits and a cute bubble butt.

There we stood face to face with my arms around my daughter, tits pressed to my chest and my hard cock pressed between her legs. What seemed like an eternity only lasted about 3 or 4 seconds before we both came to a realization and Chloe said “well good morning to you too daddy!” She pulled back her upper body but left my hard cock buried between her legs. She tightened her thigh muscles squeezing my cock then pulled back away from me slowly. As she stepped around me, her right hand cupped my nuts then ran down the bottom of my cock. When we parted, I looked down and there was a wet line down the top of my cock. Did I make my daughter wet? Was she already wet when she ran into me!

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I told frozen for a few minutes, processing what just happened. I was startled by Chloe’s voice asking me if I wanted a cup of coffee. “Dad, dad! Do you want some coffee??” I turned to see Chloe standing in the kitchen holding the coffee pot and she was still naked. I make no attempt to hide my hard on as I walk over to her and she pours my cup full.

“Thanks sweetie” I say as I lean over and give her a peck on the cheek.

“I slick your dick, stand in front of you naked , pour you coffee, and I get a peck and a thank you sweetie!? Lame dad, really lame” Chloe said as she returned the coffee pot to the coffee maker. She sat her cup on the counter, turned to me and reached up to put her hands on both sides of my face. She pulled my face down to her a gave me a deep kiss. Her tongue slipped between my lips and met my tongue. We French kissed for a few seconds then she ended it. As she pulled her head back she said “that was better but we will have to work to make it better.”

Chloe picked up her cup then headed to the loungers on the back deck. Again I stood processing what just happened as my cock lurched from the overstimulation of my brain. I took a sip of my coffee and joined Chloe on the back deck. So far I hadn’t worried about putting any clothes on and I really wasn’t worried if Olivia, my wife, caught me this way.

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