A pent up mother begins an affair with her son

Josh was an only child that went away for college, but moved back to a town near where he grew up when he entered the job market. He never wanted to move too far from my high school friends and being close to my parents was a plus. The job was good and he was happy being home.

One of the perks was that if h was out drinking he could always crash at his parent’s house since he still had a key and most of the time was partying in town with old friends. He’d either crash on the couch or in his old room and then one of his parents would take him back to his car the next day.


One night when he was 23, he had been enjoying a night out with friends but had too many drinks to legally drive. The designated driver brought him to his folk’s house at around 12 am when they called it a night. He tried to make as little noise as possible so as not to wake anyone and went about getting ready to crash. He was a bit hungry so he figured he’d make myself a snack, watch a little TV, and then get some sleep.

After about 20 minutes, he was surprised to see a car pull into the driveway and the sound of keys opening the front door. It was his mother. She had been out with some of her girlfriends while his father stayed home and went to bed early. She was happy to see him and sat next to him on the couch. He looked over at her and said. “Mom, I’m surprised to see you, normally you don’t go out, let alone without Dad.”

“Well” she replied, “I haven’t been out in a while and my friends have been pressuring me to come out and have some fun with them. Your Dad said the last thing he wanted to do was hang out as the lone man with a bunch of drunk spinsters, he decided on an early night so he could head out to go fishing in the morning with his friends. Aside from me drinking in the bars, this is pretty much par for the course of late.” She said this as she brushed her red hair over her shoulders and pulled her black tee shirt down her stomach to adjust herself once she sat down. The result was that it made the loose curls in her hair bounce around her shoulders and neck and her shirt tightened and strained around her chest.

“I think I’m going to have to do this more often, I had such a good time at the club. Next time I think I’m going to drink a lot more, I just barely have a buzz and I still feel like dancing.” She said as he noticed the flushed color in her cheeks and the mix of excitement and longing in her eyes. “Your Dad doesn’t seem interested in socializing much anymore and would rather spend his time working or fishing, so going out to a club is a rare treat.”

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With that she stood up and took the remote from him, switching the program to one of the music channels that played 80’s dance music. She started to wiggle her hips to the rhythm and smiled as she enjoyed herself, in a manner that was very smooth for a 40 year old woman. “Why don’t you dance with me?” she said.

“Because I don’t like dancing, I’m not good at dancing, and I think I actually have 3 left feet. That’s how bad I am!” I said with a smirk.

“Well that makes me sad, I prefer to dance with a partner than by myself.”

“You’re not the first woman I let down like this,” I replied, still smiling.

Her brown eyes flashed mischievously before she said, “So, you make a habit out of disappointing women do you? Now I know why you’re here alone.” The song changed in tempo and caused her to move around faster with more jumping. The jumping was good. It made her breasts shake and bounce against her tight shirt, which rubbed against her nipples and brought them to attention. Her hair was all over the place.

“I’ll have you know it was a dart tournament, so there was little chance to interact with the ladies or even watch them dance,” he said. “Besides, apparently I can watch all the dancing I want here at home without having to spend a fortune buying drinks!” His smirk returned as he tilted his head to watch her, “And I gotta say, your moves are probably much better than the desperate grinding I usually see.”

“So let me get this straight, you won’t dance with me, I’m getting no drinks, and I am guaranteed to be disappointed?” She let out a laugh so loud I thought it might wake my father as she said, “Well with that kind of a game I’ll never get grandkids!”

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He could give just as good, so he responded with, “Who knows, maybe you have a few out there that just haven’t come forward because I never got their names before we left? Disappointment will do that,” and he stuck out his tongue to let her know he was still bantering.

“I think at this point it’s better that you don’t dance with me,” she said as she moved her body back to the swaying motion and followed it with running her hands up and down the front of her body.

“And why’s that Mom?

“That’s none of you concern,” she said.

“It’s none of my business for sure, but it is my concern since I am your son and you DID ask me to dance with you.” His smirk was gone when he said this, but he wasn’t angry or even giving her a hard time, just stating the facts. He watched her dance change from a fun style to one that was more provocative and very sexy. Although he never paid attention to how attractive and desirable she was, he did now. Her serpentine movements from the floor to her full height as she ran she hands over her sides and front, stopping to linger on her breasts were amazing. They were full and round, probably a D cup, and had enough youth to them that they jumped and bounced long after she stopped moving. At one point while she was facing him, she grabbed both of them, pushed them together, and gave them a squeeze. She definitely had his attention at that point, both from being turned on and wondering what the hell had gotten into her.

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It took her a moment to realize exactly how she was dancing and that he was ogling her. With only a slight stutter to her dancing, she turned away from him with a very flushed face but managed to give him a wink as she grabbed her breasts while completing her turn. She then finished her dance with her ass facing her son, but still going through the same motions. This only served to change his focus on her ass and have his mind racing with thoughts about how if she wasn’t his mom he would be acting very differently.

As the music changed to another song, she sat down and leaned next to him, turning to face his side as she put both arms around him and snuggled into my shoulder.

“Well, you could wake Dad up,” he said, “and I can walk to one of my buddies places if you’re that worked up.”

“I know he’s a year younger than me, but his drive isn’t at the same point mine is. Even if he woke up and was willing, the state I’m in would be too much for the poor man to handle on a good night, let alone on a night like this where I’m all worked up.” She lamented, “But I’m not going to have you walking to a friend’s house so your mom can get laid.”

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll sleep out here and you take my old room and do whatever you need to do!” he said a little too cheery. It wasn’t until later he accepted that by suggesting this he would be able to hear her getting off.

“I’m not a screamer, but I’m quite sure you’d be able to hear me even from there. I’m sure that’s exactly what you want to hear, your Mom and her battery operated friend on a night you couldn’t get any yourself!” she said with a dejected disappointment.

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