Perfect family night

Hi everyone myself Sukesh a 25-year-old guy sharing my experience with you. The incident I am going to tell you happened around 11 months back and it looks strange to read but a true one.

My family follows a unique tradition from many generations that is inbreeding. According to this one of our family men marry his blood relative. Likewise, my dad married his cousin sister and give birth to me. As a continuation of the tradition, I got the chance to do the same in this generation.


It was the time for my marriage with my cousin sister Sumana and the date is fixed to the next day of the village festival. There is a bachelor party arranged before the wedding night and that time has finally arrived. All family members are eagerly waiting for the day and no one missed it too. The relationship between us is quite complex and hence I explained about each member briefly before starting the actual story.

Me Sukesh: 24-year-old good looking guy of height 5.10′.My manhood measures around 7” and thick.

Sudhakar: My dad, 46 years of age with strong physic. He was 5.8′ tall with his cock measuring 7” and thick too. (Dad)

Padma: My mom and also my dad’s cousin sister. She is 45 years old and having a height of 5.6′.She was a very attractive woman with a figure of 38D 34 38. (Mom)

Shobha: My step-mom and also my dad’s stepsister. She was the most beautiful woman in the family at the age of 40. She was 5.6’tall with a perfect figure of 36C 32 36. (Stepmom)

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Prabhakar: My maternal uncle and also my dad’s cousin brother. He was aged 47 and around 5.7′ tall. He has a slightly thin and small dick of around 5”.(Uncle)

Lakshmi: Prabhakar’s wife aged 45. She was a little fatty with a height of 5.5′.Her figures are heavy and measure 40D 36 42. (Aunty)

Subhash: My cousin brother aged 27 and married. He was 5.7’tall and have a cock of 6” medium-thick cock. (Bro)

Ranjali: Subhash’s wife aged 25. She is 5.5′ tall and very attractive. Her assets measures about 34C 32 36. She was an active lady and a good speaker too. (Ranju)

Sumana: Subhash’s sister aged 23. She was 5.6’tall with a fair and soft structure. Her figures are good and measure around 34C 30 34. She was the one whom I am going to marry the next day. (Sis)

Sahana: Shubha’s daughter means my stepsister. She was 21 with a height of 5.8′.She maintains a thin figure of around 30B 28 30. She also becomes mine if family permits my second marriage. (Stepsis)

The time has finally arrived and we successfully completed the village festival. As we are the village heads, the whole responsibility of the fest is ours and we do it in a neat manner. That night we are going to celebrate my bachelor party and we gathered in the family hall at around 7’o clock. All the men wore shorts with a T-shirt and the ladies with saree. The two beautiful girls wore a long skirt with top and Ranjali dressed herself in churidar.

Initially, I thought it was a cocktail party but the reality reveals when Ranjali announced it as a family orgy. We youngsters became little nervous by hearing this but gain confidence when every elder of the family welcomed us with their encouraging words. The party was simple that everyone should have sex among ourselves irrespective of our relationship. That means there is lot to see like Brother-Sister, Mom-Son and Dad-Daughter.As we the little ones have some shyness the party is planned in the form of games.

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Ranjali become the host of the first game and started announcing the rules. Each one of us is so excited and I have no fear left inside. Ranjali told that the game is a pair game and the pairing is left to us. Bro takes my mom and dad selected Lakshmi aunty. I choose my favorite member Shobha and uncle choose Sahana as partners.

Sumana left unpaired and joins Ranjali to host the game. They both readout the rules. The game was a simple orgasm test. The rate of orgasm produced in the female partner when their breasts are caressed is measured by the wetness below. The most wetted lady become the winner. At first, each one is given with a fresh piece of panty which is inspected at the end to know the results. If anyone cheats by pissing in the panty they are straightaway disqualified from the event.

The game begins when all the four ladies wear new panties. We took a seat by facing each other and I put my hands on Shobha’s boobs when the bell rang. Her soft boobs promote my hands to squeeze them with the greatest possible efforts. She enjoys my actions with her eyes closed. Her breathing sound increased my power.

As we are free to do anything, I decided to make it sexy. I dropped Shobha’s saree and unhooked her blouse. For my surprise, she didn’t wear a bra and hence her hardened nipples came to my hands. I pinched them and squeezed her milky white soft boobs. I no longer waited to take them in the mouth. The salty taste of her nipples was fantastic and I like it so much that I didn’t even stop when the end bell rang. I circled them with tongue, licked and chewed them until Sumana came to wake me up.

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I finished my actions and turned around to see what others are doing. My mom is putting her blouse hooks back. Lakshmi aunty has already moved aside whereas Sahana is adjusting her top. All the ladies took off their panties and handed over to the hosts. Ranjali smelled each one of them to check for the piss. Sumana inspected the wetness and noted down the results. The results finally arrived in which my mom got second place. All are curious about the winner and for our surprise, me and Shobha got the first place. Everyone congratulates us and moved on to the next game.

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