Son and mother hook up, An Evening In with Mom

Son and mother hook up, An Evening In with Mom, incest stories, The whole thing started when I came home to an empty house a few weeks ago. I decided to check out some porn on the computer since I knew I had the whole day to myself. I had not jerked off in a week and I was ready to explode. The usual porn wasn’t getting me hard so I started to check out some other stuff, and came across guys with panty fetishes. I read on and felt my dick start to stiffen as the stories described guys stealing their sister’s panties and beating off with them. After about three stories, my cock was almost at full mast and I went to the bathroom to do some snooping.

Even though no one was home, I felt weird and I kept looking around. I opened the hamper and dug through until I found a pair of blue silky panties that belonged to my mother. They were wrinkled and dirty and I brought them to my nose and breathed in. There was still a faint scent of pussy on them and my dick twitched. I slid off my own boxers and slid these panties on while I kept digging. The feel of the tight silk material was overwhelming, and my cock strained through almost ready to rip right through them. I next came across a pink pair which must have been placed there more recently because they were still damp, and the smell of cunt was stronger. I stuck out my tongue and licked the crotch area hoping for a little taste of my mother’s pussy, but there really wasn’t much.


Now let me just say, I’ve never had a thing for my mother, or incestuous acts at all, but after sifting through her dirty panties, I was becoming obsessed. I took off the pair I had on and started to stroke my hard cock while thinking about how my mother’s pussy would look with them on. My mother Linda has black shoulder length hair, she’s about 5’4” tall. Her breasts are perfect sized for her frame, not huge but if she were to lean forward, you would see significant cleavage. She has a very pretty face but her best feature is hands down, her sexy tight ass. She wears jeans that look painted on, like they were made just for that ass. When I’m out with her, I see all the guys turn and do a double take, and I think she knows it too.

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I continued to jerk my cock and I was so aroused I wasn’t even thinking when I shot my huge load into my mother’s panties. I tried to rinse them but it was obvious what it was. I buried them deep in the hamper and went about the rest of my day, with the image of my mom’s hot ass in a pair of those silk panties.

Over the next few days I had pretty much the same routine, beating off in pairs of mom’s used underwear, and occasionally the smell and taste of her sweet pussy would be very much still in them. My sister was off at college, she is two years older than my 18 years. Dad was on one of his many business trips so mom and I were always close since it was usually just us two. Thursday night came, and I sat on the couch watching tv while mom was doing laundry. She pulled out the stuff from the hamper and came across pairs of her undies stained and hardened with my sticky white cum. She knew exactly what it was but quickly continued loading the basket, and disappeared into the basement. When she got down there, she removed one of the pairs and brought it to her face for closer inspection. She stuck her tongue out and tasted what she knew was man jizz. And I’m guessing she had a pretty good idea whose it might be. She felt dirty at first, but then she began to feel turned on and felt her pussy itch a bit. She hadn’t been properly fucked in months. She licked my dried cum more and reached a finger down below to her wetting hole. I began to realize mom was down doing laundry for a long time but I didn’t care, I went up to my room and took care of my hardening rod. Mom remained in the basement, fingering herself to orgasm with her cum stained panties in her face.

The next day was Friday, and I was waiting for my friend to call with the evening’s plans. Dinner was quiet, mom and I ordered in pizza, and neither of us really spoke much, though I did take more notice of her swaying ass and her bouncing boobs as she walked. I think she may have noticed me watching also. It kind of looked like she was intentionally trying to tease me when she bent down or leaned forward, but I was not sure. After dinner, mom yelled to me from her room, asking if I was going out. I told her im waiting for a phone call and she told me to come to her room for a minute. I grabbed my cell and trotted down the hallway and nudged the door open as my cell started to ring. I answered and told Joe to hold on one sec… I looked up into mom’s room to find her spread out on her bed, in matching pink bra and panties, nothing else. She smiled at me and whispered,

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“Would u like to taste my pussy from the source?”

My mouth dropped, I was frozen in place at her door, forgetting Joe was on the phone until he yelled out to see if I was there. I spoke into the phone without taking my eyes off mom, and told Joe something came up, I can’t make it out tonight. I hung up before he even responded.

“What?” , I asked mom.

“You heard me, why don’t you join me in my bed and help me make a new batch of dirty panties?” , she said back to me.

I looked down and my cock was poking out, I was rock hard. I tried to adjust myself but mom giggled and told me to just remove the pants and come in. I obeyed, sliding down my jeans and standing there in just my tented boxers. I was embarrassed and nervous, but mom crawled over, and pulled me closer to her. As I got close, I noticed several black pussy hairs peeking out the sides of the panties. She must have a thick bush under there, I thought to myself as my cock continued to grow harder and longer than ever before. She yanked down my boxers and immediately began to lick my heavy balls. I was in heaven, as she sucked in one ball at a time, then began to slide her tongue up my shaft towards the head.

When she got to the head, she licked just the tip, over and over, driving me crazy. I could smell her sopping cunt and that was driving me crazy too. Mom must have felt I was getting close so she stopped and lay back on her bed, legs spread. She didn’t have to speak, I knew what she wanted. I knew what I wanted. I decided to tease her too, licking her toes first, then ever so slowly licking my way up her smooth legs. As I reached her inner thighs, she was quivering, eager for me to reach my goal. When I did reach her pussy, I licked all around the panty lines, and even licked her crotch through her wet panties. She was dripping wet, and her bedroom reeked of her hairy pussy. I pulled the panties down just a bit, and darted my tongue at her bush. She begged me to stop teasing and to eat her, but I kept teasing until she slid the panties off herself and wrapped her sexy legs around my head.

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