Spooned my mom

So my name is jamil and i am a 17 year old boy. This is story of me taking advabtage of my mom. This summee vacations there were alot of guests in my home. We have only 3 rooms. So when it was time to sleep. My ans my had to sleep on one small mattress together. I had sex feelings towards my mom as i had filmed her having sex with dad twice. So when it was time to sleep. I was laying with my mom in one blanket. My mom was in shalwar kameez. She is an extremely fair 40 ur old woman. We both were facing each other. I pulled her closer towards me. Put my leg on her legs and got my face towards her boobs. I was having fun and she fell asleep. Then she changed her position and laid straight. I was wearing t shirt shorts. My dick was erected. I joined my dick with my mothers curves and my leg on her. I put my head on her hand/shoulder and acted as jf i was asleep. I then started pressing her boobs. It was so much fun.

We both were under blanket and the room was dark so noone could see me. Mom was sleeping. I was pushing my cock hard against her curves. Then again she changed her position. She faced me. Now our whole bodies were touching each other. My face was in her boobs. Our bellies were touching each other and my hardddick was touching her vaginal area. My legs were on her leg. I took full advantage of that situation and pulled her towards myself more.


Her boobs were the best thinggss. I was having alot of pleasure being so touchy and close to her. Then she changed her position. Now her ass was towards me. Now we were in spooning position. I came close to her. And cupped her breast in my hands. And put her hair in my mouth. Then slowly i put my hardcock in her buttcrack and believe me it was the best feeling ever. Then i started moving my self back and forward and i was havong so much fun. It was almost like we were having anal sex. My hands were squeezing her boobs my dick was in her ass. The feeling was awesome i kept moving until bang i blasted my cum. Her sleep got interrupted she changed her position to get straightm this led to her being on top me as i was still cimming.

Her ass was on my dick the best thing ever. It was alot of fun. Then after cumming i felt asleep. This was my true story pls comment.

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