The Huge Story

The Huge Story Introduction: My name is Jibran (fake) and I’m 20 years old. I’m just telling about my first practically sex experience with step-sister, when she was 14 or 15 years old. Her name is Sophie (name changed). This was happened about 2 years ago. Background: Mein un dino xxx movies ka aadi ho

Daughters 2

Daughter story 3……….I had to go on a trip to see my mom her grandma and she begged to go. Wife couldn’t son didn’t want to and oldest daughter was having a lesbian get together sorry I missed that, but that’s another story. We left late morning driving 1800 miles, it was hot so she


Daughters story Number 2…….After the first time things were a little strange being around each other, we didn’t talk about it. She would just send me a smile when no one was looking and I would blow her a kiss. I was off and didn’t know she had stayed home from school. I was just

Family incest part 2

In addition to my previous story Family incest . So my uncle had fucked mom and they returned to their duties. As soon as I came back mom had been washing and Uncle was in his lungi with no underwear as his half hard cock was visible. I partly understood what had been going on.

I Love My Family, Family love is the best

I Love My Family, Family taboo, Family love is the best, My name is Steve and I love my family. To explain, here’s what happened today, a typical day at my house. “Hi mom, I’m home.” I don’t hear anything. I go into the kitchen and see my mother washing the dishes. Wearing loose grey

Invisible man incest

It is fully horny story of a indian boy getting invisible and having incest MAJA AA GAYA! Part -I *15-may-2018* Hello dosto , apni kalpana share karna chahata hun ho sake to galtiyon par maaf karna .Chalo phir suru karte hai Ye kahaani suru hoti ek simple se ladke ki hai RAMESH jiski umra abhi

Consoling friend’s grieving mother

Consoling friend’s grieving mother Life is more dramatic than drama Prologue Some events appear to be abnormal crazy, extraordinary, diabolic, taboo, unethical, unbelievable, and even perverted and unacceptable to societal norms. Analyzing the behavior of people involved in such incidents without bias opens a door and reveals human psyche. The persons in the story happen

My open minded sister part 1

Sex stories, Incest, family taboo, his is my first real sex story and my experience too. I am Rahul and my sister Revathi. In our family we are four, me, sister, mom and dad. Dad and mom are very busy with there works and jobs, both are doing jobs. My mom given birth to me

Older woman seduces her son-in-law

Bruce had managed to fix Bianca’s computer before she had even finished pulling out dinner. Of course, her son-in-law was so good with computers, it wasn’t much of a surprise. And it was nice to have dinner with him, after spending most of the week all alone. It had been a long time since she

Supernatural experience and a fully aroused mother in Europe

She always loves to explore. These days, she’s a college professor who teaches world history. It’s a career she loves because it combines her two favorite things; educating others and discussing global events. In recent years, she had expressed interest in exploring Eastern Europe. Unlike her past adventures, this was purely for personal reasons. My