Dad has sex with daughter with mom’s permission

Dad has sex with daughter with mom’s permission, It was early spring. My wife Ada, daughter Lisa and I were sitting in the den resting from working in the yard. We had trimmed some trees and shrubs. Lisa had stacked the road for compost pickup. Lisa was twenty. She had never had a steady boyfriend.

Daughter Nectar

Daughter Nectar, As far back as I remember I had a small light brown mole on my penis that was barely visible. However a few years ago it grew in size until it became embarrassing. So off I went to visit my doctor in the hopes it could be removed. No problem the doctor said;

My daughter and me (True story)

My daughter and me (True story), So I’m 37 years old. Im 6 ft 2 with pretty good abs, a very deep voice and a 8 inch cock (blessed) I have 2 kids, my 17 year old daughter Tara and my 10 year old son Aaron. My wife and I broke up a year ago

Daughter & Dad, creampie daughter, real love

Daughter & Dad, I was sitting on my couch, having some popcorn, enjoying the end of a great day, when my beautiful daughter Kayla emerged from the shower to join me, wearing a short nightie that barely contained her. We’d been celebrating her 30th birthday all weekend, just the two of us, as it had

Family orgy, house of family secrets

Family orgy, house of family secrets, family taboo… I can still remember how jealous I felt when my sister Lucy started going out with boys because I knew that one of them would eventually steal her away from me. It was Mark who stole her away. Mark was different from her other boyfriends. He was

Dad & daughter stand up to demanding Mom

Family taboo, Dad & daughter stand up to demanding Mom, Growing up was a total nightmare for me. My mother was an extremely strict disciplinarian. My mother controlled my entire life classes, clothes, chores, church, friends, etc… I did nothing without her approval absolutely nothing. In my early years this wasn’t a huge problem I didn’t really

Twin brother and sister are finding out about themselves

Twin brother and sister are finding out about themselves, “I saw you looking at Mom this afternoon.” Kevin looked across the hotel room at his twin sister. “So?” Kyra almost laughed out loud at the puzzled look on his face. “So…that’s not all I noticed.” “What are you talking about?” Kyra let her eyes drop to

Father son

Let’s just start out by saying I was molested by my father at the age of 4 but I liked it and wanted nothing to do with stopping it from happening so at the age of 18 I decided that I was gonna act on it again. I remember this day like it was yesterday

Mom gets help from her son & daughter with husband

Incest stories, family taboo, Mom gets help from her son & daughter with husband, Linda watched both of her children grow up. She watched from the front row not from the cheap seats. Being a stay at home mom made her proud not many people make that kind of sacrifice anymore for the children. The past 2

Father becomes obssesd with his daughter’s panties

Father becomes obssesd with his daughter’s panties, incest stories, Gavin was obsessed. He has always been a pussy man but ever since he accidentally saw his 18 year old daughter’s panties in the laundry basket he has been thinking what would they smell like. It wasn’t easy for him, he could clearly differentiate his wife’s panties