Dances to a hit song, father becomes a predator

I had heard the song before. I’m sure you have too, a thousand times. Blurred lines. I know you want it. For most of last summer, it was the only song on the radio. Being a forty-five year old father of two, I wasn’t exactly the target demographic. The only reason I remembered the name

Lori’s Boat ride

Quite a few years ago when the wife and I were first dating we were mutual friends with a couple Bob and Karen who lived not far from us we used to occasionally go out and party dinner etc. The usual stuff couples do. One weekend we were invited out on their boat a really

Mrs Echel

When I was in my 20s my boss sent me to his mother’s house to do some repairs for her. I was working in the basement and she came downstairs. She was a 84 year old woman. She was wearing this old house coat and she bent over in front of me and I could

Becoming his toy – 2

Hi friends, I am back with another part of my story of becoming a toy he plays with. My name is harshita, for those who are new please read the first part also. Continue: The next morning i shifted to his flat with my suitcase and lots of hopes of being ploughed abundantly to his

Forced by a Stranger, An intruder forces a mother and son to have sex

Forced by a Stranger, An intruder forces a mother and son to have sex, As I stepped out of the shower and began to towel off, I couldn’t help but smile seeing the sunlight shining through the large window of my master bathroom. After I had changed into my favorite pair of blue jeans and a