Adventures with mom

Hi readers, Maheshwari (my mom) asked me to share our experiences here, so I m posting it. I am yash, studying in delhi. I am the only son of my parents. my dad died in a car crash, it’s been a dad had a huge life insurance which means me and my mom(maheshwari) had

My mom’s boyfriend part 3

After the video with Dwight I woke up in my room dressed in my normal pjs wondering if everything was a dream( Read prev story My mom’s boyfriend – part 2). I felt my vagina and yeah it was bruised and still sensitive. I cried about what had happen and how painful sex was. I

Hot Incest My son’s hot cum

Dan was a well-adjusted 18 yr. old. He is into video games and sports. He especially likes football and wrestling. He is very good at both. He hasn’t decided if he is going to college or not. He is still a virgin in spite of all the offers he gets. He dated a few girls,