Two mothers bring their sons hiking

Story about two mothers and their sons It was a hot day in June when Sarah and her friend Jennifer, Jen for short, drove through the back roads leading to the cabin. The cabin was Jen’s. She had gotten the it as part of her divorce while Mark, her ex-husband, got the house. Out of the two of them, she had always been the only one interested in hiking and exercise, and that was pretty much all you could do in the remote location it lay.

They had both brought their sons with them. Rick was Sarah’s and Matt was Jen’s. Ever since Jen and Sarah became friends they had made it a kind of a tradition to visit the cabin and spend time away from civilization for at least a weekend or two each year.


Though they were both 18 now, the guys never complained and actually seemed to enjoy spending time with their mothers. It also helped that they were friends from school.

Jen and Sarah were both single mothers, divorced, though Rick’s father was completely out of the picture while Jen had had to share custody of her son. Even though he didn’t need to now that he was technically an adult, Matt still spent every other week with each of his parents.

“It will be good to finally get away from the city,” Jen commented.

“Oh, god yes. If I have to sit through traffic another minute in this heat I’m going to fucking loose it,” Sarah responded.

Jen shot her friend a disapproving look for her language, but she didn’t seem to notice. She glanced at the rear-view mirror to watch for a reaction from their sons but they seemed absorbed in their discussion about some kind of video game. She knew her boy was 18 now, but she still had a hard time letting go of things like watching her language around him. Sarah was much more outspoken, and had a pretty brazen personality in general.

“But seriously, I’ve been looking forward to getting out here. I’ve been so stressed at work lately,” Sarah frowned to herself. They had both taken Thursday and Friday off for their long planned trip, and so had a good few days ahead of them to relax.

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“Yea, I get that. I’ve been looking forward to this myself. Spending time away from everything, just us and our kids,” Jen said.

“Hardly kids anymore…” Sarah commented, her voice lowered.

“They will always be our kids,” Jen countered. Yet she had noticed the same things Sarah had. Her son, and Sarah’s, had grown into fine young men.

Jen’s son, Matt, had curly brown hair just like his father and a jawline to kill for. Rick had straight jet black hair, just like his mother, and looked like a real lady-killer himself. She was sure it wouldn’t be long until they had to deal with girls lining up in hopes of dating them. Luckily they were both a bit on the shy side when it came to such things, which was probably the only reason she had avoided dealing with those problems so far.

She and Sarah were pretty damn good looking themselves, at age 38 and 39 respectively. They should be, with the effort they both put into keeping themselves in shape. But work got in the way for them. It was one of the things that had brought them together, along with their divorces, kids and shared interests. They had hit it off immediately, and had been great support for each other. Sharing stories and difficulties as two single mothers had made their friendship strong.

They came to the end of a small dirt road and pulled up to the cabin. It lay just by a small lake, which had a couple of other cabins and vacation homes built around it, but the house itself was secluded. Jen stopped the car and got out to breathe in the fresh air.

“Aaah… Do you smell that Sarah? Freedom.” She smiled.

“Hah, yea I think I do,” Sarah replied.

They walked up to the front door to unlock it and inspect the inside. Matt and Rick went to the back of the car and popped the trunk to retrieve their bags.

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“Back again huh?” Rick commented and looked at the old cabin.

“Yea. It’s been a while,” Matt responded.

“I’ve been working out since last time though,” Rick bragged. “You better not drag me down on the trail.”

“Suuure, we’ll see who drags who down,” Matt laughed and punched his friend playfully in the shoulder.

“Hah. Yea, fuck you too,” Rick retorted, not sounding like he meant it.

After picking out their bags they followed their mothers inside. The cabin only had one floor, but was big. The main attraction was the spacious lounge, complete with a fireplace, two couches, an old TV that hardly got any reception and a dinner table. The kitchen was in a open area connected to the rest of the room, with a counter between it and the sitting area. Other than that there was a bathroom with a shower and two bedrooms, which each had 2 beds in them. Naturally, the moms slept in one, while the boys occupied the other.

It also had a small porch in front and a patio in the back with a hot tub. They used the hot tub often, as it was great for loosening up stiff muscles after a long day of hiking on the surrounding trails.

Matt and Rick strolled into their room and began unpacking. They made sure to plug in their phones in the power socket, and Matt checked that he had brought the extra battery for his. You never knew when you were gonna run out of power when hiking in the middle of nowhere. Especially if you liked to listen to music while doing it.

They eventually walked back out to the living room. Their mothers had already changed and were ready to go.

Matt snuck in a peek at his mother in her outfit. She was wearing a sleeveless purple shirt that stuck tightly to her form, showing off her generous bosom. With that she had some sort of black leggings which, again, left little to the imagination. Only the fact that they were black obscured the form of her firm ass enough not to be inappropriate.

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Holy fuck, she looks hot, Matt thought before he could stop himself. He had been sneaking in looks at his mom for a while now. Since around the time he turned 18 he had started to notice what everyone else already knew. She was fucking hot. She was probably the hottest woman he had ever met, with Rick’s mom a close second.

Rick, unbeknownst to his friend, was doing much the same thing. As his mother turned to pick something out of one of her bags he carefully turned to look. She was wearing a white tank top similar to Jen’s and beige, quite short, shorts. Her ass strained against the material as she bent over. Rick regretfully tore his eyes away before anyone could catch him. His attraction to his mother was his deepest secret, and a big part in why he didn’t mind going on these trips.

“You guys ready to get going?” Jen asked the boys.

“Sure mom,” Matt replied.

“Ready, miss J,” Rick said.

“Just Jen, Rick. I’ve told you before,” she admonished, but smiled.

“Okay then. Jen,” he answered, smiling back. Matt shot him a suspicious look.

Jen laughed off the flirty youth and got an amused look from her friend. They all made their last preparations, including stocking up on water, and left the cabin. It was still only around noon. They had plenty of daylight left and not a cloud in the sky.


They took the dusty gravel road, surrounded by bushes and high grass, to the less traveled path that lead toward the mountains and hills. The area was covered in signs and information for prospective hikers. Information they were already familiar with.

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