Vacation trip to Goa (Love in suite)

We reached mumbai in the evening as my hubby have booked a suite online in a three star hotel (read previous part).as we all are well exhausted ,we frisked inside suite as it’s well decorated and have a attached washroom with two king size beds in each corners and curtain have been there to keep privacy of couples if they want.

Bina,Sonal,Kirti and Anish are inside suite as we both lady are opening our bag ,took out our night gawn with hubby’s Bermuda and Kirti ordered for a bottle of wine with I frisked inside washroom,removing my brassiere as well as panty to make it open from the covered clothes.after refreshment ,I walked inside as Sonal walks inside washroom and I can see a bottle of wine ,soda and glasses on table .looking at me ,Kirti started removing his shirt and jeans as I walked towards door and locked the door from I am sitting on sofa with my legs crossed as both guys are sitting right and left to me,Anish is pouring wine in glasses as Anish is mixing soda in Sonal walks inside but have removed her clothes except brassiere and G string only ,covering her sexual she is sitting near my hubby on sofa as we started drinking wine and I can see Anish putting his one arm in her I got excited,I put my hand on kirti’s bulge on undies and started pressing it hardly with my our drink lasted but they put more wine in two glasses as both guys are drinking it fastly and Kirti have put his hand on my thigh ,rubbing it slowly as it’s moving inside my skirt.


My vagina is nude but not visible to them as I can see Anish moving his hand on sonal’s boobs and pressing it kirti’s hand is on my vagina ,he murmured”oh it’s nude darling” and he pushed his long finger in my hot vagina ,now putting empty glass on table ,he put his lips on my face to kiss but started pressing my breast I am enjoying his long finger and hand on my body,I pulled down my skirt as I can see my hubby Anish sucking sonal’s lips as his hand is on her Anish opened the strings of sonal’s brassiere as two boobs are nude and he is kissing her lips while massaging boobs hard.kirti left my lips as I pushed my long tongue in his mouth and he is fingering my vagina fast while sucking my tongue,as Sonal pushed her tongue in my hubby’s mouth ,Anish unhooked her panty and Sonal is nude as she pulled down my hubby’s undies to hold his long cock.she is jerking anish’s cock as he is sucking her tongue with hand moving on her thigh , Kirti left my tongue and now he took out my tops from my body.we both lady are nude as Kirti took me on his thigh and put his face on my breast ,I hold it and pushed it in his mouth.kirti is sucking my boobs while pressing others as his hand is now rubbing my sexy ass while I can see Sonal pushing my hubby’s face back as she took out her tongue .

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Kirti took my other boobs in his mouth to suck and I am rubbing his wide chest,as sexy voice”oohh aahh Kirti it’s itching” is making him horny.He left my boobs as he stands infront of me,pulled down his undies and I hold his long cock to I can see Anish sitting on sonal’s legs as Sonal have stretched her legs and Anish is licking her cunt with his long tongue fast ,her sexy voice”uuhh aahh lick it fast you dog ,fuck me” is making Anish horny.kirtis long cock is in my hand as I am rubbing it’s glans on my face to lips and than took it in my mouth to I started moving my face fast, Kirti hold my hairs and started fucking my mouth with his long thick cock as it’s glans is hitting my deep throat and my hubby’s long tongue is fucking sonal’s vagina as he is massaging her boobs also and she is screaming”oohh uumm Anish now leave my burning cunt aah”.Anish sucked sonal’s cunt for a while and I took out kirti’s penis as I am licking it with my tongue to taste we four are nude ,hot and horny as Sonal asked Anish to sit on sofa and she started kissing my hubby’s penis .as Kirti smiled……..

“Bina darling ,now be like a four legged animal .”

As I stand and put my upper parts of body down,putting arms on a wall and my sexy ass is up in air, straight to kirti’s cock.looking back at him ,I can see him holding his penis while pressing it in my hole , slowly I started getting his erected cock in my vagina as I can see Sonal sucking my hubby’s penis hard like a Kirti fucked me hard as cunt swallowed his penis and “ooh aahh it’s rock hard dear,fuck me whole night.” And Kirti is holding my waist as he is fucking my vagina with speed and as I felt pleasure ,I started moving my ass fast while my hubby took out his cock from sonal’s mouth .while swinging my sexy ass fast ,I am enjoying kirti’s penis in my cunt as he hold my breast and started pressing it I can see Sonal like a four legged animal as my hubby Anish is standing near her sexy ass and he put his glans on her vagina , pressing it hard inside her cunt .we both are like a four legged animals ,as our arms are on walls ,we both are eyeing eachother and Anish fucked hard as Sonal”ooohh it’s hard be slow my darling” and both lady are getting penetrated with long thick cock as my vagina is burning ,I am screaming”oohh aahh fuck hard ,I will cum soon” and Kirti is pounding my vagina hard as he is massaging my breast also ,later on my vagina become juicy and Kirti licked it to taste it’s Sonal is swinging her ass fast while Anish is fucking her like a whore.

I walked nudely to washroom as I urinated and opened the cascade to have bath ,as Kirti walked inside and hold me in his kissing my neck to face as I am pressing my boobs hard on his he put gels on my sexy boobs to waist as I started rubbing it on his chest,now he put gel on my vagina and hold my one leg in air,I hold his cock and pushed it in my vagina.His 2/3 Rd cock is in my vagina and he fucked hard from front and I have hold him tightly,now he is fucking my cunt from below as my sexy body is in sensation and he is penetrating his penis hard while I am shouting”oohh aahh fuck hard aahh it’s in fire” and he is pounding my vagina legs are shivering as I am holding Kirti in my arms ,after 10 minutes of fuck ,his penis have ejaculated sperms in my cunt and we both have a nice as we walked inside ,I can see Sonal sitting on my hubby’s cock while stretching her legs wide and both are sitting on ground as Sonal is jumping his ass on my hubby’s penis.later on my hubby shouted”oohh aahh Sonal have my cum baby” and I can see Sonal leaving his cock,sucking it to taste it’s cum.sonal and Anish walked inside washroom as Bina and Kirti slept on bed nudely.

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