Visiting parent’s home : a teenager’s hunger

Indian wife cheating

It’s my journey from new Delhi to Kanpur central junction as my hubby Anish is with me on platform no.12 as I have to make journey alone and I have done it before Bina, a 27 years married lady is not feeling guilty or ashamed of her illicit affairs with her own brother Jeet or neighborhood guy Raj but as my hubby got promoted due to my sexy body put on stake infront of his bosses ,I am quite sure I can enjoy physical relationship with others also ,so my curvy figure is impressive as my round boobs have grown bigger and my sexy butts is making each and every guy/men feel like a hot one as putting myself in sexy clothes are my habit as I entered inside the coach of A/C -2 tier in sharam Shakti express and it’s 23:35 in railway’s clock ,so as my hubby Anish put my luggage inside lower berth of my coup ,he said

“so enjoy your journey and come back after a week
(Bina)yes , feeling too lonely but will get one sound sleep and will reach there.”

So my hubby left me alone as I am sitting on my lower berth,now as two passengers are sitting opposite to me ,a 18-19 years guy is eyeing at me ,he is a cute guy with tall figure of 6’0 feet and his charming face is too impressive .so looking too hot in my black leggings with a sleeveless kurti ,I put bedsheet on berth as I put blanket near my legs and now slept on berth while putting my head on pillow ,so in opposite side ,a matured men moves to his upper berth as teenager guy is putting his bedsheet on he switched off the light as night bulb is still on in the corridors of our coup.


So as I can see him pulling down his pant down ,I am bit shy and my straight face turned towards other direction but a slut lady can’t be a ideal wife and so as my face moved to him,I am relaxed while looking at his a single co-passenger have put his berth curtain on place and a teenager is looking at me but I am spending time on berth with my face straight but my igniting mind is too curious ,so as our berths curtain are not in place I turned myself towards his direction ,so our eyes are looking at eachother’s and I am bit serious but guy smiled as his nude thighs to legs are looking nice.

Now Bina thought to made him a hot guy with her sexy body and so she opened her trolly bag as she starts searching her night wear for journey ,my upper portion have been leaned as I can see him eyeing at my cleavage ,it’s a deep necked kurti and lastly ,I took out a night robes for me but if I change it here ,may be he get some look of my hot body and now I put curtain on place as I am on my I hold my kurti as I took it out and now in my brown brassiere pair of boobs are caged as I pulled down my leggings also ,now Bina is a semi nude lady but on berth and behind I am thinking to show my sexy body but it will make me feel like a shameless lady ,so I removed my brassiere as I put night robes on my body.

As I put curtain towards the end ,he is still looking to me and now showing him my brassiere as well as leggings and kurti ,I put it in bag and than while holding my purse ,I walked to washroom as i urinated and washed my vagina ,so as I was standing infront of washbasin ,I can see guy’s reflection in mirror and as I turned back ,we both are facing eachother and than I asked

“what’s your name mr.?
(He is bit nervous)Yash is my name
(Me)oh I see ,going to Kanpur ,isn’t it ?
(He)yes madam but why you are enquiring like this ?
(Me)will complain to railway police about you as you are gazing at me.”

And so I walked towards my coup as I slept on berth with my face straight ,so as I have put a night robes on my body ,my sexy legs to some portion of thighs are as I am looking towards corridor of coup ,Yash came as he slept on his berth while putting his back towards my face ,so it’s my first mistake as I have shown him my anger but my mind and body is under lot of sensation as I am excited for secret sex affair as train stops on a station with our coup and coach in complete silence,I wake up as I sit on berth and looking at his butts I thought to hit it hard with my legs but still thinking of something I just wake up and moved slowly to him as I put my hand on his butts and rubbed it ,so as Yash turned back ,I am sitting on berth and looking at him I smiled as I waved my hand to show my interest in him and he is looking too excited as he wake up but still waiting for something to happen ,may be wants to move train we both are hot as train starts moving ,he put his berths curtain on place as he came to Yash is sitting near me as he starts rubbing my soft thighs and I hold the curtain as I put it to remain safe ,now as his hand is rubbing my thighs ,I am bit horny and now put my hand on his thigh as I starts rubbing it hard .

So Yash is completely surprised with my move as his hand slips inside my robes and he moved closer as he put his arm on my shoulder,so as his hand is moving towards the hot zone I am bit shy and than he hold my wrist as he pushed my hand in his loose Bina got the touch of his penis as his hand is on my G string and as he is rubbing his fingers on my vagina ,I first took out my hand from his bermuda but Yash is too aggressive as he took out his white coloured penis from his I am a horny lady as I hold it and starts jerking it ,it’s a small toy for slut lady like me as Yash is making my cunt too hot and as he put his lips on my face ,I am bit shy as I turned my face but Yash hold my long hairs as he put his lips on my lips.

It’s a oceans wave as it’s happening in my body and so I started dominating as I took his lips in my mouth to we both put our legs on berth as Yash is in fire and he pulled his bermuda down as his penis is in my hand ,now Bina starts rubbing his chest as he hold my breast on robes and while squeezing it hard ,he just hold me tight in his arms and like a shameless lady I sits on his lap but my hot body is getting nude as Yash have opened the ropes of robes and it have been on my shoulders as my lovely boobs are he starts licking my lips with his tongue and as my boobs are getting pressed on his chest ,I am now a horny lady and I swallow his tongue to suck as his penis is hitting my it’s a small cock for me but seems hard and as I am sucking a teenager’s tongue ,he is rubbing my sexy back and so our eyes are closed as we both are doing secret sex in a coup made for journey.

Now I pushed his head and removed his tongue as he is pressing my boobs hard ,so get laid on berth with my parts of robes on shoulders as my vagina is covered with a G string ,he is a desperate guy to love me and now he leaned on my top as I have hold him in my arms ,he is kissing my soft boobs as his other hand is squeezing my breast and so feeling too hot ,I hold my left breast as I starts putting it in his mouth and he is on my top as his mouth is sucking my breast.bina is a hungry lady as she is screaming “uh ah oh Yash ,you are so hot ,can’t believe your sucking ability “and than his mouth took my right breast as his penis is in between my thighs and now I put my hand on waist as I opened it’s strings ,so my vagina is nude as it have little hairs on it .

Now his back is getting rubbed as he left my tits while it’s nipples are now erected ,so Yash is kissing my flat tummy as his lips are on my waist and as I have made my cunt nude ,he is rubbing it with his his face is straight as he is fingering my dry vagina’s hole and I am sounding sexy “uh ah yes lick it please it’s too hot “but he is rubbing his fingers in my flexible hole ,so he is sitting in between my thighs and now as he is fucking my cunt with his long finger ,I am in fire and than I woke up on berth as I hold his hand and put away his fingers .now I am nude while robes is on seat and while holding his penis ,I kissed his face

“now I will be on your top but it will be a 69 position ,do you know it ?”and he nodded his Yash slept on berth with his legs straight as I am on his top while putting my face on his cock and my sexy butts is slightly up on his face ,so I removed it’s skin as I started rubbing it’s soft glans on my lips and now as I am feeling his tongue moving inside my vagina ,I swallows his penis and starts sucking it with my head still ,so his crossed fingers have widened my vagina’s hole as he is licking it fast and now his penis is growing harder as well as hotter in my I took it out and starts rolling my tongue on wet penis as I am tasting it but he is hitting my clitoris with his long tongue as I am feeling too I took his penis in my mouth again but it’s my head spinning fast and he than hold my vagina’s hole in between his lips as he sucked it till my vagina got wet and he tastes it’s as I am sucking his penis hard ,my mind is on his cum and he is in fire as he is screaming

“oh ah you sexy ,it’s over I can’t tolerate your mouth on my cock for a long time “as his penis poured semen and I drink it like a whore as I left his body and now put my robes on body but without any undergarments ,so walked inside washroom as i urinated and washed my vagina ,so put face cream also on it after cleaning it .now well back on berth as Yash is sitting on his berth while putting his bermuda on he walked away as I slept soundly till I reached Kanpur in the early morning.

We exchanged our mobile numbers also…………

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