Wife emasculates her husband

I guess the cliché opening would be to tell you that I thought I had a good marriage and was blindsided by my wife’s infidelity. The truth is that our marriage had been going downhill for some time. The shock was that my loving wife believed that I would submissive to her demands and would allow her to humiliate me. For me, it comes down to people mistaking kindness and for weakness.

Let me introduce my wife and me and explain. My name is Kevin Stoffman, I’m 42 married to Tammy. Tammy just turned 40. We’ve been married for twenty years with a nineteen-year-old daughter who is in her first year of college. Our marriage had been going stale for several years. Tammy had become distant and uninterested in our relationship. We still had sex but it was diminishing. I believe that it was turning 40 and becoming an empty nester that sent my wife off the deep end.


Unfortunately, it was our daughter Robin who found the first evidence of my wife’s insanity. She was home over Christmas break and on her last day before heading back to college she needed to use a computer. I was using mine so I told her to grab the spare one in our closet. I didn’t think it had been used since my wife got a new computer for her birthday some months ago. Thirty minutes after I gave the computer to Robin she came storming in my office.

“Dad, what kind of kinky shit are you into?” I looked at her puzzled. “I mean all the porn you’ve been looking at and what’s up with all the cuckolding crap?” Robin put the computer in front of me showing me an untitled folder with a ton of videos. “I looked a few and they are all cuck videos, I can’t believe you are into that shit.”

“How do you know about cuckolding, you’re only nineteen.”

“Come on dad, I’m not a baby. When did you get into this shit?”

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Shocked I looked at the folder. “That is your mother’s computer. She’s the only one who has ever used it.”

We continued to poke around on the computer finding other folders. Another folder contained several articles on how to turn your husband into a cuckold. It dawned on me that what we were looking at was all several months old. We still had about an hour before Tammy would be home so I had an idea to look at Tammy’s new computer. Robin retrieved it while I powered down the old one. “This isn’t going to work; she has her new one password protected.”

I grabbed her hand walking her into the bedroom that was Tammy’s office. Hidden underneath the desk drawer was a sheet of paper. “Your mother is not good at remembering her passwords. When she got the old computer, I suggested that she write down all her passwords and keep them in one place.” I opened a drawer pulling out a paper that has the passwords for our household sites.

Robin looked at, “This doesn’t have the password for her new computer.”

“I know,” I said reaching under desk pulling out another piece of paper. “This is her secret sheet. Like most things, she thinks she is clever in hiding this sheet. I saw her putting it here but never needed to look at it till now.”

I took a picture of the paper before putting it back in its hiding place. In seconds, her new computer was open with us searching it. We found more cuckolding videos and articles on cuckolding. Our search was cut short when we heard the garage door opening. We quickly powered down the computer putting it back in the spot we found it. The items we found were kinky but didn’t tell us if she was doing anything other than watching porn. Robin agreed not to say anything on the condition that I kept her updated on my investigation.

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My investigation was only beginning as Robin went back to school. Robin was convinced that her mother was up to something other than just watching porn. She had noticed the same changes in my wife’s attitude toward me that I had observed. Tammy’s attitude toward Robin was different too but in a different way. I was hoping that Tammy had just an interest in porn but deep inside I knew it was more. With work and other activities, it was nearly a week before I had enough alone time to search Tammy’s computers. It was searching her browser history that I stumbled on her secret email account.

Her secret sheet of passwords was not completely obvious as to what the passwords went to but there were enough clues to quickly access her email account. Lucky for me Tammy kept most of her emails. Most of the emails were with a Mistress B. Mistress B was her self-titled cuckolding advisor. There was a long string of conversations of Mistress B encouraging Tammy to turn me into a cuckold. Tammy had explained to Mistress B that I would agree to do most of what Tammy asked and never argued with her. In most cases, she said I would give in rather than argue. Mistress B had the opinion that I must be a wimp and would easily be a willing cuckold. At one point, Tammy questioned her on what to do if I resisted. Mistress B told her to threaten me with divorce, she said that I would lose everything in a divorce and be living in a shoebox paying Tammy to fuck her lovers.

I had to admit I was uneducated about divorce law. Certainly, I was aware that most men got screwed in a divorce even when they had done nothing wrong. Immediately I made an appointment with one of the best divorce lawyers in the city. I sat down with Jackie Stone telling her my situation. Her assistant gave me a form to fill out with our employment and assets. She would look it over and have some answers for me in a couple of days.

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The big smile on Mrs. Stone’s face when I walked into her office told me a lot. “Don’t worry Kevin, if you do have to live in a shoebox it will be a really nice one. People should not listen to non-lawyers who don’t have all the facts. Your wife is going to have a huge problem if she divorces you. I’m betting her so-called expert didn’t even ask what you two did for a living. Your wife’s business is valued at close to million dollars but the liquid assets are not even half that. We will make an immediate demand for half the value of the company. She will have to find a way to pay you $500,000 or sell it. Her income will be calculated at the time we file, which will is equal to yours so she will not get any maintenance.”

“I can’t advise you to do this but your house is almost paid for. A large home equity loan put in a trust for Robin’s college expenses would shelter that money away from your wife. You both have essentially the same amounts in your retirement funds, so that will be a push. If you decide divorce is the option, we can do this.”

“Is there any advantage to filing on the grounds of adultery?” I asked.

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